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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis Faye rustles through her mom's things looking for her family's crystal. She's sure with her grandfather dead, her mom would have found it.Faye finds a journal and reads the entry from 1995 about being deeply in love. It has an entry about John Blackwell, saying they can't hide their relationship from Tom and Amelia much longer. It means her mom and Cassie's dad were hooking up.At the house, Faye grabs Cassie's crystal to play with it. She shatters glass until John Blackwell rips it out of her hands. They have to get the crystals from the Elders before the witch hunters attack. He thinks the Elders will be suspicious of them and might strip their powers, too, so they can't just ask for help.They make plans to go visit their respective grandparents. John urges them to go in groups so they can use their circle magic. Cassie tells her dad that her grandmother will be home tomorrow, she hopes they can get along.Diana meets with Grant, who brought a big bouquet of tulips. His captain is letting them him borrow the boat for a romantic trip to the San Juan Islands. Diana thinks she has to cancel, but Adam and Melissa say they can go to her grandmother's alone.Creepy Callum the witch groupie stops Melissa on the street. She's trying to brush him off when Jake joins in. Callum gives Jake a hard time and Jake throws him against a tree, but Melissa diffuses the whole situation.Cassie comes home to find Jane already there. Jane says she'll try to get along with John.Cassie waits for Faye with Jake. She says it's hard being around Adam right now, but he wants to know why since she's not supposed to remember her feelings for him after the elixir. Faye joins them and they drive off, none of them noticing Callum following on a motorcycle.In Melissa's grandmother's house they find she has a boatload of crystals, just regular ones. They go through them.Jake goes to his grandfather's. His parents kept them away from him, they said he was crazy.When he doesn't answer, they use magic to get in to his cabin. There are stacks of newspapers everywhere and a giant conspiracy wall "from Salem to Satan and a lot of weird crap in between." Cassie notices a piece of paper on the wall with the names of the Circle and their birthdates. Cassie takes a picture of it.There are drawings and newsclippings.The last time Jake saw him was when he crashed his parents' funeral screaming about the end of the world.John Blackwell intercepts Charles, explaining he came back for Cassie. Charles thinks John betrayed them by summoning demons that day. He also thinks John killed Diana's mom, Elizabeth, that night.Jake, Cassie and Faye are still in the cabin when his grandfather comes home. He doesn't think it's really Jake until they use their powers. He didn't know Jake's brother Nick was dead. He tells Jake the circle will be the death of all of them.Charles comes to Jane's. He's late. Jane's carving a symbol in the coffee table to immobilize John Blackwell. She has a witch cruet she made 16 years ago to kill him. She underestimated the hold he had on Amelia. They're ready to kill him now.Jake's grandfather explains: 300 years ago, 18 families escaped from the Salem witch trials. They split into three circles, two stayed east. One went to Chance Harbor. Sixteen years ago a Balcoin descendant named John Blackwell tried to corrupt the circle with dark magic to kill witch hunters.He never believed that Blackwell could have been outsmarted, he knew he had to corrupt the circle from within. "What Blackwell really wanted was children," he says.He wanted to ensure the next circle would have dark blood. If the two other circles were turned to darkness like this one and they're brought together, it would tip the balance of power in the war between good and evil.Jake thinks his grandfather is kooky, but Cassie listens. She asks about the crystals.He says his crystal is in a mine and spelled so that no witch with dark magic can go near it. The six crystals form a crystal skull, the most powerful form of magic in the world.Diana prepares for her date with Grant, but Adam calls. Melissa comes to get Diana and she makes an excuse to Grant. Diana goes downstairs to find Melissa and Adam with a bag of quartz. They think Melissa's grandmother spelled her crystal to hide its power, they need her to make their magic stronger to find it. Grant comes down and doesn't really buy Diana's excuse about a school project.He leaves, they find the right crystal and Diana leaves for her dream date.Back in the woods, Faye shows Cassie her mom's diary. Faye wonders if Blackwell is her father, too. Jake offers that Isaac once told him Cassie wasn't the only child of Blackwell in the circle. He dismissed it because it was Isaac.They hear a crash and go in the house and find a window broken and Grandpa's map to the crystal in the mine gone. Callum rides off.Cassie has a picture of it on her phone and sends it to Adam and Melissa to beat Callum to the mine.Jake says good-bye to his grandfather.Cassie tells Faye there's no way she's a Blackwell. Then she reminds Faye that her dark magic didn't come out until Diana's grandmother tried to kill her; she's happy to recreate the experience for Faye.Diana and Grant head for the boat but she gets a text. She doesn't give him a good answer and he reminds her trust goes both ways. She offers a rain check, but he doesn't know if he'll be coming back. She kisses him then runs off.Adam and Melissa reach the abandoned spooky mine. They seem to be the first ones there. It's an iron ore mine, magic won't work. "This is a dangerous place to be normal," Adam says. They find lights and head down.Jane offers John coffee. He sits at her table and Charles approaches him from behind with the crystal. John is immobilized. Charles is ready to light the cruet and kill him, but Jane wants to know the truth about Amelia's death first. Charles is less eager, since he's responsible.The mine makes spooky mine noises. Adam and Melissa reach an open shaft. Adam grabs a rope and Indiana Joneses across it, leaving Melissa on the other side. He climbs up to the beams and finds the crystal. He swings back to the other side, but comes up a little short. Melissa grabs him.They're heading for the exit when they see Callum coming. They hide and let him pass and run, but they circle back around and end up face to face with him and he's armed.He demands the crystal. Adam goes for his gun but doesn't get it. Melissa hands over the crystal and he leaves.Outside, Jake, Faye and Cassie pull up just behind Diana. They see Callum running. Jake and Cassie go to check on Melissa and Adam, but Cassie and her dark magic can't go into the mine.Faye and Diana try to intercept Callum as he speeds off. Faye stands in his bike's path, saying she needs to access her own magic. She tries to stop him, playing chicken as she stands there, but nothing happens. At the last second, Diana jumps on her and pushes her out of the way.Cassie and Jake run out of the mine and Cassie stops Callum's bike.Back at Jane's, John tells her he knew nothing about Amelia's death. He points out she ran away from both of them and the fact the crystal isn't turning black means he's telling the truth.Charles wants to go through with killing John but Jane refuses since he didn't kill Amelia. Charles picks up the cruet and drops the match in.But John is fine.Jane drops to the floor and her flesh turns color. She's dead.John says he had days alone in the house remembering how much Jane hated him. He found the cruet and remade it for Jane. He spells Charles so he won't remember what happened and says he has use for him or he'd be dead, too. John takes the crystal.Jake and Adam pin down Callum. Jake slices his hand and recites a spell, marking Callum. If he ever comes back to Chance Harbor again, they'll know.Faye finds John at the house, with the crystal. She mentions her mom's diary about him. He says Dawn had a crush on him, but it didn't go beyond that. He says Faye's not his daughter. John says her father loved her mother.Cassie comes to Diana's. Diana needs to take a break from the circle. Cassie tells her if they don't work together they could be killed. Diana says she'll see the witch hunter thing through, then she's out. Cassie reminds her Adam and Melissa could have been killed at the mine.Diana says she ran to help them before the others got there but she couldn't get in the mine, it felt like she was choking. Cassie tells her the mine was spelled, keeping black magic out. This means Diana is the other Blackwell in the circle. "You're my sister," Cassie says.

Directed by Omar Madha  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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