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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2011

Synopsis Adam and Diana go to Cassie's house. Faye's also there, but Grandma Jane isn't. Melissa's mom took her out of town. Adam isn't happy to see Jake is there, too.Cassie says she thinks she did magic by herself. She's tried magic on her own since, with no success. Faye suggests everything that has happened to them has been Cassie's fault, since it started after she came to town.Cassie shows them the documents from Calvin, the guy at the antique shop (who Jake killed). Jake is very interested in them. They don't recognize the symbols. The initials are J.B., Cassie's grandmother. Cassie wants to go check on her grandmother. They plan a road trip.Jake visits Isaac, the boss witch hunter. He denies doing anything to Jane. Jake suggests the closer he gets to Cassie, the closer he gets to knowing how to kill her.Faye asks Dawn if she's heard from her dad. She hasn't, but doesn't love the road trip plan. Faye is irritated when Adam and Diana pick her up instead of Jake.Dawn calls Charles in a panic, telling him the kids are on the way, which will ruin their plan to have Henry's death look like a heart attack. Dawn tells him to text Cassie from Jane's phone to say she's back in town. He tells her he hid Henry's body, but they need to figure out what to do with Jane. She's out cold in his back seat.Cassie drives up with Jake. He says he wishes he could have helped Nick understand witchcraft. He asks what Jane says about their family. He asks what side her magic traces back on. He offers to look at the papers from Calvin, but she says she left them at home.The arrive at Pine Lake. It's pouring down rain and thundering. The house looks dark. Faye stares off in the distance at the weather. She hears a child's voice calling for help.No one else heard it, so she dismisses it. The power is out so they light candles.Cassie finds her grandmother's scarf on the couch, then checks her phone and sees the text saying she'll be home tomorrow.Adam suggests they stay the night. Faye heads for the liquor cabinet. Jake and Adam go to start the generator.Faye notices water coming from upstairs. She notices wet footprints on the stairs and follows them up. She sees a still wet pair of red child's boots. But when she looks back down the stairs, the wet prints are gone. And then so are the boots.Charles returns to town. Dawn is in a panic. Jane is knocked out with sleeping pills. Charles shows her Henry's crystal. They just need a spell to control Jane's memory.Faye goes off to take a hot bath. Adam and Diana go make drinks. Cassie starts to build a fire, but Jake says he knows a better way. He suggests a spell, saying doing magic with someone can tell you a lot about them.She starts chanting, but he tells her to just picture it. He stands behind her and gets close, holding her hand. The fire ignites. "Woah, that was intense," Cassie says.Faye soaks and drinks in the tub. Suddenly the tub is filled with mud and weeds. Faye screams. Everyone comes up to look, but the tub looks normal. Faye asks Cassie if she did it and mentions the voices and boots. She asks if Cassie is messing with her. Cassie tells Faye she's being ridiculous.Charles and Dawn check out the abandoned house. They see the kids have the basics for witchcraft. Dawn remembers their early days practicing, Charles remembers before Blackwell, when it was still fun. Charles thinks Diana would have left the book of shadows behind, somewhere safe. He uses the crystal to find it under a floorboard.He wants to find the spell they need for Jane and put it back. Dawn asks for the crystal to hold on to it. He says no. She says it's for the best. He tells her not to talk to him like one of her students, he says he'll do what he wants this time.Back up at the lake house, the kids play drinking truth or dare. Faye dares Diana to take her top off for the next three questions. She does. Diana asks Faye how many people she's slept with. She says two.Jake picks truth from Adam. He asks Jake why the witch hunters didn't put him in the circle with the rest of them. Jake says because he's stronger than the rest of them and it took more guys to hold him down.Faye offers Cassie truth or dare, but says the truth is a two-parter about whether she only goes after people the other girls have slept with. Cassie picks dare. Diana suggests she kiss Jake. She does. Faye calls her a one-woman relationship-wrecking crew.Cassie yells back: "You are a bitchy spoiled little girl who wants to blame me for all of your problems instead of just looking in the mirror."Faye takes Adam's keys and walks out. She gets in Adam's car. She turns the key but sees a girl in a yellow slicker and red rain boots. She gets out and follows.Inside, Cassie looks for a couch to sleep on. She looks around Henry's things and knocks over a stack of books. She's picking them up when a picture of the same little girl falls out. Jake finds her.Cassie asks Jake about Faye. He says Faye likes to think their relationship was more interesting and complicated than it was.He tells her tapping in to anger, pain and passion is the key to solo magic, but you have to be born with it.He thinks she's just afraid to try it. He goads her. She gets bold and kisses him again. He stops her.Adam follows Diana outside. She's upset he looked away when Cassie kissed Jake, like it was hard for him.Diana goes into the shed and they keep arguing over who's to blame for how they're feeling. She says he's making her feel insecure. Suddenly they're kissing and stripping.Cassie goes out and sees Adam's car running, the door open and Faye's purse inside.She sees the girl in the yellow rain slicker run by and follows into the woods. The girl leads her around a tree, but disappears. Cassie comes around the tree and runs into Faye. Faye's relieved Cassie can see the little girl, too. Cassie asks who she is. "She's me," Faye says.Faye remembers the last time she wore that outfit. She was six and there for the summer. She was throwing rocks into the lake and walked out onto the dock to throw, then fell in and started to drown. Then a hand grabbed her out and saved her. It was her grandfather. She thinks the girl is there for a reason. She runs for the dock.Charles talks to an unconscious Jane, telling her he never liked her, even before she and the other Elders took their powers away. He thought she was smug and self-righteous. He's excited to be able to control the things she says and does.Faye reaches the water's edge and goes in. Jake joins them. Faye screams that they have to find the girl. Adam and Diana come and the boys hold her back. There's a clap of thunder and Cassie sees the girl out on the dock.She walks to the spot on the end of the dock and kneels. She puts her hands in the water and makes it bubble. She pulls with magic and suddenly Faye's grandfather's dead body rises to the surface. There was rope tied around his waist.The next day, the coroner takes him away. Dawn arrives and sees her daughter totally freaking out. She comforts her and takes her home.Jake drives Cassie back. She can't believe Faye's grandfather was able to use her old memories to lead them to her. Jake's impressed Cassie saw someone else's memories. She knew exactly what to do when she reached her hands into the water.Back in Chase Harbour, Adam drops Diana off. She tells him what happened last night was great, but was the last time. She says they have to find out what it feels like to be apart so they know if they're meant to be together. "I don't want you to find out you're OK without me," he says.Jake returns home to find Isaac waiting for him. Jake says Cassie's magic is the strongest he's ever experienced. He tells him someone killed an Elder but didn't do it right, since his energy came back.Isaac thinks they should move forward and kill the witches now. Jake wants to figure out what the document Calvin left Cassie means, but Isaac says no, it's time.Cassie returns home to find her grandmother making breakfast. She tells her Henry was killed. Jane thinks she went there and knocked and he didn't answer so she left. Cassie pulls out the scarf of her grandmother's that she found inside.How strange.

Directed by John Fawcett  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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