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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2011

Synopsis Cassie shows her grandmother the ancient texts from Calvin. Jane suggests she'll check with Henry. Cassie reminds her he died. Jane brushes off the lapse to stress.Melissa's cousin Golden surprises her in the hall. He's there to offer moral support. Diana says hi. Melissa reminds him she had a huge crush on him when she was 12. He's there to help with her dad's Maritime Memorial Fundraiser.Faye mopes in her mom's office. She's upset about her grandfather. Dawn is a co-chair of the gala. Faye's upset she's still going. She blames her mom for Henry staying at the lake house and says she shut him out.Faye hangs out upstairs at the abandoned house and doesn't say anything when Cassie and Jake come in. Faye sees him pocketing jasper. He says it's his family stone and is going to put it at Nick's grave. Faye isn't buying it and promises to prove to everyone she's right about him.Cassie shows Jake the texts from Calvin. He holds one up to the light and sees another paper inside. He peels it open and it reveals a family free with the name John Blackwell, her father. It's his initials, not Jane's. He died in the same fire Jake's parents did.The tree traces back to the Balcoin family tree. She doesn't know who they are, but Jake seems to. Cassie wants to go talk to Calvin. Jake makes up an excuse and leaves abruptly.Cassie tells Diana what she found. Diana encourages her to ask Jane to the dance.Jake finds Isaac and reports Cassie is from the Balcoin line. He knows the Balcoin family is the origin of black magic. The Balcoin name was changed to Blackwell. Cassie is the last of them. She has more power than they thought. Isaac says killing her is no longer an option, they have to present the information to the council. Jake denies having feelings for her. Isaac reminds him witchcraft killed his family and suggests they lose town before Jake loses sight of that. Jake suggests they'll leave tomorrow. Isaac isn't sure whether to trust him.Cassie goes by Calvin's shop and finds it closed.She drops by Jake's and finds him packing. He says he's just cleaning out Nick's stuff. He says everything is fine. Cassie asks again, saying he seems "weird." Cassie asks him to the dance. He says no. She asks why. He gets mean, telling her she's a nice girl but he's not interested. She says she can feel something between them, even when he's acting like a jerk. He says again he's not interested. She leaves, hurt. He tosses things around in a rage.Faye visits Adam at the Boat House. She tells him she thinks Jake is up to something and it has to do with why he's hanging out with Cassie. She says Jake was at the house and was too interested, which isn't like him.Getting ready for the gala, Melissa notices Diana checking out her cousin. She tells Diana he's not a rebound guy.Charles picks Dawn up. She asks about the crystal. She offers again to hold onto it. He says no. He suggests looking into Diana's book to find other ways to locate the others besides the bloodmoon ceremony. She thinks they need to lay low after Henry's body turned up.Jake sees Cassie getting ready in the house next door. Naturally, she looks great. She takes the texts to her grandmother and shows her the Balcoin tree. Jane asks her to repeat what she said. Jane says she didn't know any Blackwells. Cassie puts the texts in a cupboard. The doorbell rings and she answers it to see Jake standing there. He apologizes and says he does feel something, but isn't sure how to deal with it. He'd be honored to go t the gala with her.At the party, Charles checks on Jane. Her hand is shaking. She calls Cassie "Amelia". He corrects her.Faye and Adam arrive. She goes to the bar. Jake dances with Cassie, Adam watches. Cassie says she can't stop thinking about her father. He tells her Nick told him he admired Cassie's strength.Their moment is interrupted by Jake's phone buzzing with a text that obviously upsets him. Adam watches.Golden spies Diana and asks her to dance. Diana sees Melissa disapproving and has to be talked into it.Jake goes outside. Isaac is there. He says the plan has changed, they're taking Cassie with them and they're leaving tonight. Adam sees them talking.Isaac suggests Jake lure her away. He says he can. The council thinks it's too dangerous to leave her here. They plan to use her magic to their advantage. Jake agrees to find a way to get her out. He goes back inside and tells Cassie she has to go with him. It's important. She follows. Adam walks inside and tells Faye that Jake is a witch hunter. He just saw him talking to the head hunter who tried to kill them.They meet up and try to figure out how to find her.Back at Jake's place, he shows her his book of shadows (which is not a bad euphemism). He tells her her father comes from a powerful line of witches called Balcoin. There's a warning about darkness and how it can transform someone into evil. She's upset he's telling her she comes from a line of monsters and knew the whole time. She asks if he was studying her. He knew she was special, not that she was a Balcoin. He tells her this is what Calvin was trying to warn her about. She has power other people want. He says they have to leave town to protect everyone, but she refuses.She gets a text from Adam: Jake is a witch hunter. Jake sees her freeze as she reads it. She says it's Diana checking in. He tells her to trust him. She says she'll run home and get her things. He tells her again she can trust him.She goes home and locks her front door.He sees her in her room. He's helpless as he watches Isaac walk up behind her and knocks her out with chloroform. The witch hunters take her with them. One knocks Jake out, leaving him on the sidewalk.Jane zones out at the party. She tells Charles she's dizzy. Jane says that Amelia always tells her how Dawn has a crush on John Blackwell.Charles and Dawn confer about what's wrong with Jane. Dawn blames him, even though they did the spell together. She says he picked the spell and any long term damage will be on him.Jake wakes up to Adam shaking him. Jake tells him witch hunters took him. Faye believes Jake is telling the truth because he clearly cares about Cassie. Jake, Adam and Faye all pull up to the dock, where they see Isaac carrying Cassie to the boat. Jake gives Isaac a knife. Jake says they won't be able to use magic because the boat is made of ash, which works the same as the circle of ash they put them in on Halloween. "Oh right, when you were leading us to slaughter. I knew this situation felt familiar," Adam says.Adam and Jake argue over who's going to provide a distraction and who's saving Cassie. Adam insists on going. He creeps on to a nearby boat as Jake and Faye hide by the dock. Jake uses a spell to blow out lights on the dock, knocking out one of the witch hunters. Adam gets on their boat and runs for Cassie. He wakes her up and unties her. He leads her out and right into Isaac on the deck. He grabs Adam and puts a knife to his throat, saying they're not going anywhere. Cassie asks if they really want to test her. Jake jumps out and knocks Isaac off Adam. He tells them to run. Faye, Adam and Cassie run up the dock, using magic to torch the dock behind them so the hunters can't follow.Jake tells Isaac it's not Cassie's fault she's a Balcoin. She matters to him. He tells Isaac that Cassie can fight the darkness. The circle doesn't have to be destructive.Isaac says Cassie Blake is not the only child of Blackwell in the circle. Isaac drives his boat away with Jake on it as Melissa and Diana arrive and join the rest of the circle, watching it go.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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