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Directed by
William P.S. Earle
Wally Van

Writing credits
A.M. Williamson
C.N. Williamson

George H. Plympton

Earle Williams Christopher Race
Marguerite Blake Lady Ivy
L. Rogers Lytton Baron von Hess
Charles Kent James Race
Dorothy Kelly Miss Collingwood
Leila Blow Mrs. Collingwood
Donald Hall Sir Gordon Race
Lillian Tucker Mrs. Dauray
William R. Dunn Fitzgerald
Kalman Matus Prince Mirco
John Costello Ambassador Rudovico
Ethel Corcoran Volda Rudovico
Zena Keefe Sidney Chester / Dorothy Herbert
Walter McGrail Morley Chester
Raymond Walburn John Brown
Betty Howe The Girl
Nellie Anderson The Landlady
Billie Billings Miss Warren
Julia Swayne Gordon Mme. Du Gueselin
Thomas R. Mills Tom Astley
Donald Cameron Maurice Naylor
Gypsy O'Brien Violet Hardcastle
John S. Robertson Paul Western
Grace Valentine Grace Norwood
Richard Wangermann Grace Norwood's Uncle
Edith Storey Dorothy Herbert
Jean Stuart
Josephine Earle
Harold Foshay
Garry McGarry
Templar Saxe
Gordon Gray
Adolphe Menjou Bit Part
Wally Van
Hattie Delaro
William B. Green
Ann Brody
Edward Elkas
Emanuel A. Turner

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