The Sacrament of Life

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Drama, USA, 2008, 86 min.

Synopsis Lucian is back from the war and every thing is changed, and there's no way it will ever be the same again. Unless you were there you really have no idea. It's bottled up. Gruesome flashbacks. The war continues to rage from within. The Sacrament of Life offers the perspective from the faction that's actually been there and focuses on the truths of war and the fragility of man. It was directed and completely produced by members of the United States Air Force who have served, or are currently serving, in Iraq or Afghanistan. Trapped in the past. There is the horror of war that remains, lingering. Beyond the war... An illness that does not leave. It fades at times and is mostly invisible. It changes a man and it changes a man for good. "There's this darkness and it fights. It fights... You wouldn't understand... you haven't been there." Thrust back into a relationship and a world of blurred memories, he must learn to deal. As he struggles to adjust and adapt into normal life, he's plagued by his recent and distant past. You may not "understand," but The Sacrament of Life gives a brutal glimpse into what happens when you finally do come home. The war doesn't just go away. The demons are still there. It's a wound that won't heal. Not easily. The question remains. "What are you gonna do?" There's only one shot at this.

Directed by Joseph Sorrentino  

Starring Valentine Aprile, Kristoffe Brodeur, Lindsey Burkland, Robert Casiello, Kevin Costello, more...

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