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Hooded Angels (AKA Glory Glory!)  10.01.09 12:50 - anonymous Monitor this discussion

South African-filmed and with a mixed American, South African and British cast and crew, this Post Civil War western follows the story of the pursuit of a group of violent and damaged women who rob and murder their way across Texas in the 1860's. The Confederate siege of the town of Silver Springs is followed by an orgy of rape and murder. A number of the female victims fight back, killing their attackers and the confederate general who had been trying to stop his men. These women then embark or a killing spree as they fight back against anything or anyone who gets in their way. But the general's son and his friends set out after the hooded gang, initially unaware that they are women. As with any western involving gunfighting women the suspension of disbelief is essential, or perhaps a belief in an alternative history of the west based on 20th and 21st Century values is a more accurate requirement. That said the characterisations, motives and structure of the story work effectively, and all the actors convince in their roles. Until I watched the "making of" documentary, I was not aware of its location or British Director, and certainly this is superior fare to many similar themed American projects. The mood, pace and genuine shocks as one by one the women are picked off following a bungled bank raid, left this reviewer with a real sense of period, sudden violence and loss. 6/10 DSB  

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