Echo Chamber

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Drama, 1995

Synopsis Flora Matlock performs brilliantly on a television interview and the crisis over her husband's career seems to have passed. From all appearances, she is the dutiful wife standing by her husband. Appearances can be deceiving however. She subtly and very intelligently begins to plant the seeds of her husband's downfall. She provide the Party Whip, Sir Donald Frazier, with information that puts in doubt his character. She then feeds the press the story of her husband's inaction on saving a local children's nursery. Her coup de grace however is to have her father buy a property at a cut rate price from someone who will benefit from recently introduced legislation. Her husband shows just how brilliant a politician he is when he turns all of it to his favor.

Starring Juliet Stevenson, Trevor Eve, Ian Bannen, Anton Lesser, Veronica Clifford, more...

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