The Apprentice

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Drama, 1979, 60 min.

Synopsis Hart is chosen by Kingsfield to assist him and a third-year student to prepare for a case in New York City. The 3-L, nearing graduation, is busy seeking future employment, and dumps the majority of the work on Hart. Kingsfield detects this, and dismisses the 3-L from the case, leaving Hart as his only assistant. Hart accompanies Kingsfield to the Big Apple, where preparation can take a back seat to the nightlife. Kingsfield's counterpart is played by George Petrie, who also played J.R. Ewing's lawyer Harv Smithfield on 'Dallas'.

Directed by Kenneth Gilbert  

Starring John Houseman, James Stephens, Tom Fitzsimmons, Robert Ginty, James Keane, more...

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