Moot Court

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Drama, 1978, 60 min.

Synopsis The students pair off (via random draw) for 'Moot Court', a courtroom-like competition. Hart lucks out, as his partner is close friend and fellow study group member Logan. Bell is not so lucky, as his partner is Raymond Livingston. Livingston, fresh off an undergraduate career at West Point, believes in the 'strong body, strong mind' approach, so he and Bell are up at dawn for calisthenics and jogging every day before studying. Meanwhile, all the intense 1-on-1 studying time with Logan causes Hart to examine his personal feelings for her. Predictably, the final 2 teams in the competition are Hart/Logan and Bell/Livingston.

Directed by Seymour Robbie  

Starring John Houseman, James Stephens, Tom Fitzsimmons, Robert Ginty, James Keane, more...

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