Decisions: Part 1

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Drama, 1985, 60 min.

Synopsis Although part of "The Third Year" this episode takes as Hart's second year of law school winds down. Golden is interviewing for a clerkship at the Supreme Court but I struggling to get on with the task of recommending to Kingsfield his successor as president. Rita Harriman wants the job very badly but so does Hart. Ford has mixed feelings about whether he wants his "perfect" younger brother to follow him to this school. Kingsfield becomes involved with trying to persuade a former head of the Securities and Exchange Commision to give up her desire to spend more time with her grandchildren and instead join the faculty. Golden has some misgivings about whether clerking at the Supreme Court is really the best direction for his career.

Directed by Ralph Senensky  

Starring John Houseman, James Stephens, Tom Fitzsimmons, James Keane, Andra Millian, more...

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