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Directed by
Joey Klein

Joey Klein

Produced by
Jennifer Kawaja
Jay Firestone
Vanessa Piazza
Hussain Amarshi
Tom Cullen
Mark Gingras
Joey Klein
John Laing
Georgina Lopez
Tatiana Maslanyová
Natalie Semotiuk
Kristin Waterson
Nicole Hilliard-Forde
Lori Fischburg
Jonathan Bronfman
David Miller
Julia Sereny

Bobby Shore

Tatiana Maslany Emily
Tom Cullen Nickie
Henry Czerny Jacob
Suzanne Clément Marie
Mark Rendall Sammy
Diana Bentley Kristin
Allison Brennan Club Gal
Max Danger Maitre D
Deragh Campbell Anna
Trevor Hayes Bruised Man
Emmanuel Kabongo Officer James
Nancy Palk Katherine
David Christo Waiter
Kaleb Alexander Johnny
Ross Carter Clubber

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