Beautiful Day

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Action/Adventure/Crime/Drama/Sci-Fi/, 2011

Synopsis We open at a carnival, where Chloe and Alek take pictures smooching in a photo booth. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you're not on a date," Amy teases. Chloe admits that she likes Alek, but "doesn't know what it means" or "where it's going." Poor gal. Soon enough, Jasmine and Zane arrive. Nobody knows it -- yet -- but Zane is a full-fledged traitor. Sure enough, the pretty boy takes a private cell phone call from Simone. "Don't worry," Zane growls. "Soon, they'll all be dead." Oh no!The next morning, Brian calls with a request: will Chloe accompany him to the home of his long-lost grandma? It could be dangerous ... so, naturally, Chloe agrees. Meanwhile, Jasmine returns home from a run with Zane to find a disapproving Valentina waiting. "I should go," Zane says. Yes, you should. So Zane leaves and Valentina turns on her daughter, demanding to know where Chloe has (once again) disappeared to. "It's your job to know where she is at all times," Valentina says coldly. "Find her. Now."Chloe, of course, is on the road with Brian. The pair laughs all the way through a brief driving montage before stopping to admire a view of the bay. "Am I being a fool thinking that my grandmother is still alive?" Brian asks. Chloe reassures her boy friend (as opposed to boyfriend). "You're the only one I trust," he says. The duo arrives at the address ... and no one answers. So Chloe uses her cat-like abilities to leap the fence. After landing on her feet, she is suddenly faced by a barking dog. Just then, an older woman appears to call off the dog. "Grandma ... It's me ... Brian," Brian whimpers.Grandma immediately lets the two inside the gate. She is apparently overjoyed to see her long lost grandson. Just then, Chloe gets a text from her dad. He wants his daughter to meet him in San Francisco later that night. The plot thickens. Later, grandma explains that Whitney is the reason that Brian has never met her. "Your father always had a reckless sense of ambition," grandma says. "It grew darker, more out of control." Brian floats the theory that Whitney had something to do with his wife's death. "Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised," grandma says. CUT to Chloe's house, where Amy shows up looking for Chloe. Meredith explains that Chloe is out running errands with Brian.Valentina, in the meantime, scolds her daughter once again for losing Jasmine. "It's about priorities," says Valentina, referring to the fact that Jasmine has been spending too much time with Zane. Jasmine wonders whether she'll ever have a normal life. The answer, according to mom, is "no." Later, grandma says a kindly goodbye to Brian and Chloe. The young not-lovebirds drive away ... and grandma turns to address a lurking Simone! "Are you certain Whitney knows nothing of my involvement?" grandma growls. "I need to know for sure if this girl is really the Uniter." Uh oh. Whose side is grandma on?Later that evening, Brian drops off Chloe, who immediately gets a phone call from a worried Alek. Chloe explains that she has to meet Amy and Paul, who are also upset that Chloe took off without telling them ... and not telling them about the digital reappearance of her dad. "Can you believe it?" Chloe asks. "I might actually see him tonight ... He's obviously out there somewhere looking out for me." CUT to Zane, who arms himself with what appear to be poisonous darts of some kind. Interesting. Brian then confronts Whitney. "I want to know what happened the night mom died," demands Brian. "I'm not going to stop until you tell me the truth." Whitney is FURIOUS, but reveals nothing.Back at the King household, Meredith wonders why Chloe is afraid of dating Brian. "You have to be honest about your feelings, kiddo," mom advises. Chloe beings to cry. "I think I'm in love with Brian, but I don't want to be," she says. "How do I stop?" Mom has much sympathy, but few answers. "You love who you love," Meredith states. Chloe goes upstairs to her room ... and finds Alek waiting. He heard EVERYTHING. "Guess I never really stood a chance, did I?" the hurt protector says. "You're making a huge mistake." Then, suddenly, Alek is gone. Chloe then gets a text from dad. It's time to meet.On her way out, she runs into Brian, who offers her a ride. Another mystery car follows. CUT to Valentina, who chats with Zane while he waits for Jasmine. Zane seems to have charmed Valentina -- to the point that she lets her guard down and Zane pops her in the neck with one of his poisonous darts. "I've imagined this day for most of my life," Zane taunts. "The poison works fast, but not too fast. You'll stay alive just long enough to watch your daughter die." Valentina lies motionless -- eyes wide open -- on the floor.Things start happening very fast now. We discover that Meredith's "investor" is none other than Whitney. The two have dinner at a fancy restaurant. Amy and Paul, meanwhile, search for Chloe. Amy correctly guesses that Chloe is going to meet her dad in the park -- their old spot. CUT to Chloe, who arrives at the park to find Brian. The guy is apparently following her. Chloe pleads with Brian to leave, but he only agrees to stand outside while Chloe goes into a park building to meet her mystery guest. "If you're not back in 10 minutes, I'm coming inside," he warns. "I won't leave until I know you're safe." So Chloe heads inside ... and finds an older man waiting. "Dad?" she asks.Nope. "I'm afraid you have me mistaken for somebody else," growls a very big man. Suddenly, a group of equally intimidating men step out of the shadows. Not good. Chloe immediately begins throwing punches and roundhouse kicks. CUT to Jasmine, who returns home to find her mother lying motionless on the floor. She then spots Zane -- and dodges a poison dart in slow motion! We then cut back and forth between fights: Chloe sparring with her attackers and Jasmine attempting to defeat Zane. BAM! BOOM! CRUNCH! When the swinging body parts clear, Chloe turns to find Simone holding a gun. Jasmine FIRES -- and FIRES again. Chloe falls to the ground, bleeding.Is this the end for Chloe?CUT to Jasmine, who has been stabbed in the stomach by Zane. She falls to the floor next to her mother.Is this the end of Jasmine and Valentina?CUT to Brian, who rushes into the building to find an apparently dying Chloe. "I love you!" he cries. "I love you!" Suddenly, Chloe opens her eyes. The two kiss.CUT to Meredith, who is escorted to a limo by an evil looking Whitney.CUT to grandma, who holds a storybook that Chloe created with her father. It appears that grandma was behind luring Chloe to the park building the entire time. She triumphantly rips up the book and tosses it into the fire.CUT to Zane, who stands triumphantly over the bodies of Jasmine and Valentina. Alek suddenly enters and takes in the view. "I'm going to kill you," Alek tells Zane. Responds a cocky Zane: "Is that any way to talk to your brother?"Finally, CUT to Paul and Amy, who burst into the park building to Chloe sitting up ... and Brian seemingly dead on the floor.

Directed by Chris Grismer  

Starring Skyler Samuels, Grace Phipps, Ki Hong Lee, Benjamin Stone, Alyssa Diaz, more...

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