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Drama, USA, 2012

Synopsis Will struggles mightily through the East Coast broadcast, fumbling words. He tells MacKenzie he hasn't been sleeping very well. He's seeing his psychiatrist Abe the following day and admits he's been paying the guy for four years without actually going to the appointments.A bodyguard-looking guy walks Will up to his appointment. The two men sit in the waiting room, with Will clearly there to do work. A 30-something man named Jack/Jacob peeks his head out from the office and says he's Abe's son. His father died two years ago and he's now taken over Abe's patients. When Will confirms Jack can write prescriptions he agrees to meet with him for a few minutes.Will tells Jack he can't sleep and wants a prescription. Jack wants him to sit. Jack asks Will about if they're has been any extra stress in his life and they start to talk about a recent death threat. Despite the fact he's with a bodyguard Will brushes it off, leading to a flashback.After some lame website comments were posted during a show, Will wants them to change the policy for comments in a way that prevents anonymity. Neal has a suggestion for how it can be done.We see an interview Will did with somebody opposed to a mosque being built near Ground Zero. Will points out all the bad things that have been perpetrated by Christians.Will is shown a death threat posted on the site that includes his address. It is written from somebody who has duped the system into thinking he or she is a college professor. The result of this is that the network's insurance company will require Will have a bodyguard. Charlie wants a team assigned to do opposition research on Will so they can stay ahead of the next tabloid story.Sloan, who is fluent in Japanese and has friends in the country, converses with a spokesperson for the country's damaged nuclear plant.MacKenzie assigns Jim and Maggie to do the opposition research. She has to admit she made an embarrassing mistake a few months back.The spokesman tells Sloan the reactors will not rise above threat Level 5, but after she clears the room and goes off the record he says they will actually reach the deadly Level 7.Don asks Sloan to fill-in for Elliot that night. She'll be interviewing the nuclear plan spokesman.Will meets his new bodyguard, a former collegiate defensive lineman named Lonnie. He's going to be taking him to and from work. Sloan stops by and Will tells her she lets guests off the hook too often when they are obviously lying. He says she needs to get tougher.In the present Will tells Jack he feels bad about the pep talk he gave Sloan, which effectively scared her.We see Sloan's interview with the spokesman and a translator. She begins to go rogue and conducts some of the interview in Japanese, even removing her earpiece so she can't hear Don. Eventually she tells the audience what he told her earlier on the phone about Level 7.Charlie goes off on Sloan in the newsroom. Since she essentially put words in the man's mouth, she's going to be suspended and Charlie expects that they'll have to go back through her last few years of reporting to check her sources. When she says he told her the stuff about Level 7 off the record, he points out she'll have a tough time getting anybody to go off the record with her again.In the present Jack asks Will about his alcoholic father hitting him, his mother and his siblings. Will tells him he had to start protecting his family from his father when he was still in elementary school. Jack doesn't think a sleeping pill is going to work, and thinks Will actually came there for a session.Jim and Maggie give MacKenzie the results of their research on Will. What sticks out to her is that he was offered a late night talk show by Fox in 2006.MacKenzie goes to see Will. She tells him that since he was thinking about going to Fox, he was never really going to marry her. While she yells at him he pulls out a Tiffany engagement ring he was going to give her. He says he never told her about the offer because it wasn't real.In present day Will admits to Jack that he didn't actually buy the ring in 2006. Instead he'd gotten it as soon as he heard the Network was doing opposition research on him. Jack asks whether Will thinks that is a normal thing to do.Sloan is shown a news report that's says because of her interview, the spokesman has resigned. She asks Will and MacKenzie what they can do to fix the problem and help the man get back his honor.In the present Will and Jack talk about the origin of one of the web comments It had to do with an interview he did with Rick Santorum's former chief of staff who was helping him with his presidential run. The man is African-American and gay.We see that interview. Will presses the man about the fact the candidate he works for doesn't think gay people should be able to get married. Will pushes and pushes the man, who eventually pushes back and points out that he isn't defined as a person by the fact he's gay. The interview gets heated and the man gets very emotional.In the present Will admits that he was a bully during the interview. The Internet went crazy in response, with everybody against Will.Don asks Sloan if he's losing Maggie to Jim.The solution Charlie comes up with is that Sloan will pretend that she confused the Japanese words for the numbers "4" and "7," which sound somewhat similar. Sloan doesn't like the idea of lying on the air, but Will gives her his approval and says he'll be behind her.In the present Will admits Jack knows what he's doing. He writes Will a prescription and tells him he should think about seeing somebody occasionally. He thinks Will has unresolved issues and the ring was just a prank, but we see in a flashback that Will tore up the receipt.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa  

Starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, more...

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