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Drama, USA, 2012

Synopsis Will is doing a remote interview with Elliot in Egypt following Mubarak's announcing he would not be stepping down. Don is unhappy Elliot's stuck in a hotel because of the violence. Maggie brings word to MacKenzie of a developing teacher's union protest in Wisconsin. She and Jim both edit pieces on the fly and bring them to the control room just in time.During a subsequent staff meeting MacKenzie talks about their need for somebody on the ground for Egypt coverage. Jim's face is bloodied by Maggie accidentally opening doors into his face.Charlie pulls out Will and MacKenzie to tell them Wade is strongly considering a run for Congress and he's worried their having her boyfriend on the show will be an ethical problem. Added to Will's Page Six stuff, and Charlie is growing more concerned.After the meeting MacKenzie tells Will she thinks Wade used her.Neal suggests an Egyptian stringer videographer who goes by the name Amen. Neal's been following him on Twitter and YouTube and makes a passionate plea for the hire based in part on feeling a kinship with Amen because of how he got into journalism. Don pops in to say Elliot attempted to go down to the street and cover the protest and was beaten with a rock.MacKenzie wants Sloan to prep her for an appearance on a panel discussing economic issues. MacKenzie is ignoring Wade's calls.One of ACN's morning anchors begins a rant about Wade, adding information about Will and MacKenzie's past from Nina's gossip reporting in TMI. His female co-anchor is unsuccessful in guiding him away from his rant. Charlie gets patched directly into the morning guy's earpiece and forces him to stop.Maggie wants Jim to do something nice on Valentine's Day for Lisa. He doesn't agree, saying they aren't in a relationship. She suggests a romantic dinner reservation, gift and card.Neal gets Amen online and introduces him to MacKenzie. Amen is uncertain when she asks that he report showing his face and using his real name. Neal is able to talk him into it.Despite the potential problems with Leona, Will and Charlie plan to chase another story involving the Koch brothers.During the next broadcast Gary tells Will that some people have given TMI money to keep their name out of the tabloid's stories.Amen gives the team some suggests about the next step he'd like his reporting to take. It involves government actions and seems more dangerous.Sloan explains the financial crisis to MacKenzie over drinks. She asks MacKenzie why her relationship with Will can't be fixed and she doesn't get an answer.Neal is panicking because he's hasn't heard from Amen. A bruised and bandaged Elliot limps into the newsroom to applause. Don suggests a way they can track Amen's GPS phone.Don and Charlie debate whether Elliot should be one the air. Don seems to be arguing for it because he thinks it'll be good for the reputation of journalists.Will's told a hit piece on MacKenzie is on the way. It has to do with an old story she did in the Middle East. He get a phone number from Gary.The team has unearthed a bunch of information about the Kochs and their secret political donations. The story is that it would be in their best interest to get rid of unions. Neal walks in with word Amen has officially disappeared and the team begins calling their contacts. Neal is so enraged by Rush Limbaugh commenting on foreign journalists being taken in Egypt that he punches his monitor.The network's legal team is concerned about liability related to helping Amen.Don admits to Will he was the one who ordered Elliot to the street. He feels guilty.Elliot finds out the military has Amen. They want $250,000 wired to a "charity" and it seems Will is the only one who can make it happen.Wade shows up at the studio during the next show looking for MacKenzie. Out on the terrace, she confronts him about his running for office. He makes a dismissive response, and she breaks it off with him on the spot.Will meets with Nina. She asks him to be a silent partner in a restaurant she's interested in for $50,000. He starts writing her a check, but when she makes a snide comment about journalism, he gives her a speech about what real journalism entails, threatens both her and Leona and crumples up the check.Lisa comes to the newsroom and rips Jim for standing him up on Valentine's Day. Maggie ends up trying to stick up for him and rips the holiday.MacKenzie warns Will not to pay off anybody on her behalf.We also learn that since corporate wouldn't help Amen, Will paid the money to free him out of his own pocket.Similar to the film Rudy, a string of staffers chip in money to help. Will gets a standing ovation in the newsroom.

Directed by Daniel Minahan  

Starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, more...

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