I'll Try to Fix You

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Drama, USA, 2012

Synopsis The Newsroom: "I'll Try to Fix You" - July 15, 2012It's the eve of New Year's 2011 and there's a party going on in the Newsroom with everyone is decked out to the nines.Mac asks Will for a few minutes to talk to her boyfriend Wade, who it turns out is an Assistant U.S. Attorney, prosecuting financial crimes. Will wonders when that prosecuting will start. Wade wants Will to tell the law enforcement side of the story and how the banks are outspending the government in lawyers. Will dresses Mac down for having her boyfriend lobby to him. They then discuss that she is in fact dating him. She mocks him about the "Netflix queue" of women that Will is dating. She said she's not keeping herself in "jail" anymore for what she did to him.Out in the party Neil is trying convince everyone Bigfoot is real, Jim is working even though his New Year's on stories News Night missed this year, and just as Maggie's about to help him, Don arrives and tells her he's setting Jim up with Maggie's roommate Lisa. (In the course of the party we learn that Lisa's cellphone ring is "Do You Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart.) Maggie is of course uncomfortable with this but has to not show that it makes her uncomfortable. And then when Lisa learns it's Jim she is also uncomfortable but tries not to show it. They introduce her to Jim and they head out to the terrace to toast the New Year.On the (bad) advice of Sloan. Will goes up to talk to an attractive blonde, Rebecca Howard, an advice columnist for TMI magazine. It starts off kind of sexy but then he ruins it as she's just about to kiss him by pushing her away and insulting what she does for a living at a trashy celeb magazine like writing "takedown" pieces on one of "The Real Housewives." It ends with her telling him he just "passed up a sure thing" as she throws her drink in his face.The next day Charlie calls him in and informs him that he's ended up on Page Six of The New York Post for "groping" Rebecca Howard. (It also notes that he was wearing a $4,000 tuxedo.) He says he doesn't want to respond to the piece. Charlie wants him to be careful as he's dating since he's choosing questionable women.At the rundown meeting Will enters and they all throw water in his face. He says he didn't grope anyone and he's on a mission to civilize. They start getting into the stories they missed or didn't pay enough attention to this year in 2010. (Maggie passive-aggressively picks on Jim during the meeting for hanging out with Lisa, very unprofessionally.)They latch onto the "Obama spent 200 million dollars a day on a trip to India" and "Obama's coming for our guns." They do several newscasts countering these things.Lisa prepares to go on a real date with Jim and Maggie toggles between trying to reassure her that she and Don are okay and she should go on the date and not feel stupid -- Lisa feels stupid since Jim is in news and she is in fashion -- and her own, obvious feelings for Jim which she won't admit.Meanwhile Will is out on a date with a brassy broad named Carrie who he brings back to his apartment. She wants to smoke a joint. He freaks out when he finds a pistol in her purse. They argue about the gun stuff he talked about on his show. (She's a liberal Democrat from the South who is quite comfortable around firearms.)Later on the broadcast we learn that he was set up with Carrie by Sloan who says he needs to go out with her again because she's crazy. She tells him to take his time before he shows up on Page 6 with another woman.Maggie asks Jim how his date went and he says fine. He says he probably won't be seeing her again.Will tries again with another woman. This woman brings up Page Six. Will tries to explain but the woman starts babbling about the "Real Housewives," she a fan. He is horrified. He basically calls her stupid. It ends with her throwing a drink in his face.Maggie and Don are in bed talking about Jim and Lisa. Don wonders why Jim lied to her about going on another date. He tells her to give Jim a call about the date, she says she won't. He then says she should call him about an explosive item he saw on Politico. She calls him. Then Don pulls out his phone and calls Lisa. Maggie hears Lisa's Rod Stewart ringtone in the background. Maggie hangs up abruptly. Don laughs and says Lisa should change her ringtone. Maggie says she can't believe what he just did. He says if there's a "bad guy" in the scenario he's at least in fourth place. They do not address the elephant in the room.Charlie calls Will back into his office for another Page Six story and another drink to the face. It paints him as an overbearing womanizer and that he stiffed the waiter. He didn't stiff the waiter. They fight again about the type of women he dates. After the meeting Sloan confronts him with Page Six, and says that Carrie is on the warpath.Will tosses and turns and can't sleep. He gets a call early Saturday morning and asks him to come in.Everyone else is also in the office. They are there for Neil's presentation on Bigfoot. During this meeting Maggie continues her inappropriate barbs at Jim. He calls her out of the meeting, dresses her down, apologizes, and sticks her on the assignment desk as punishment because he's her boss and he can do that. They dance around it -- he points out that it was Don's idea to fix up Jim with Lisa and Don who called so Maggie would hear her phone -- but don't discuss the elephant in the room.The Bigfoot meeting is not why Charlie called Will in. Will has been summoned because of a TMI cover story: "My Night With Will McAvoy: Sex, Drugs, and Guns!!" Carrie went to TMI and Nina was happy to help. Charlie, Don, Mac, and Will go around and around with it until Charlie has an epiphany: TMI is owned by ACN's parent company, the story had insider details thus this is the story Leona Lansing threatened Charlie with (We get a flashback about her telling Charlie about creating "context" at the meeting as a cover for firing Will.) Charlie finally tells Will about the meeting on the 44th floor. Mac realizes Will put the non-compete clause in his contract when he renegotiated in order to be able to fire her each week. As she and will argue about this, Jim notices Maggie freaking out at the assignment desk: Represenataive (D, AZ) Gaby Giffords has been shot.The team scrambles to get on the air with this breaking news. Later when other outlets, based on a single NPR report, are reporting that Giffords is dead, they decide to wait for confirmation. Reese storms into the studio and harangues Will into reporting that Giffords is dead, but he hangs tough. Unlike other outlets they get it right.Will calls Charlie and Mac back into the studio and he tells them that he's not backing down from Leona. He's all fired up and has got his fighting spirit. He's feeling so magnanimous he even tells Neil he wants to hear his Bigfoot presentation.

Directed by Alan Poul  

Starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr., Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, more...

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