The New Beachcombers

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Adventure/Comedy/Drama, Canada, 2002, 120 min.

Synopsis Years after the original series, John Constable and his family returns to Gibsons to find the old Molly's Reach diner condemned. While he's willing to let the past lie, others have other ideas. Amoung them is Scott Rivers, a young protégé of Nick who returns to object to the demolition, citing Nick's old tenant contract for his salvage business office inside. There's also the old con man, Dave MacGonigal who interferes with his daughter's own desire to liquidate her share of the property rights of the building for his own scheming. Unknown to them, the estranged daughter of Relic, Cat, has her own nefarious plans for the property and is not about about to let a bunch of sentimentalists get in her way. The rivalries of an older generation are renewed as Scott attempts to restart the salvage business while his friends attempt to save the beloved diner.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Jackson Davies, Dave Thomas, Graham Greene, Cameron Bancroft, Deanna Milligan, more...

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