The Bro Code

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Crime/Drama//Sci-Fi, Canada, 2012, 42 min.

Synopsis Oz's (Ennis Esmer) celebratory mood after completing his supervisor training program proves short lived when he's visited by a troubled childhood friend with a serious problem. Tommy Nordett (Jonny Harris) witnessed a murder and now fears the killer is after him too. Oz agrees to help him if he talks to Toby (Craig Olejnik), who confirms his story is true. With Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) and Dev's (Rainbow Sun Francks) assistance, Toby investigates the unreported crime, which leads them to Xavier Barkin (Fulvio Cecere), a well-known bookie with a penchant for evading conviction. While Klein is angered that IIB resources were enlisted to help Oz's sketchy buddy, he's interested in the Barkin connection, which soon spins out into another betting ring run by rogue associates with itchy trigger fingers. And it quickly becomes apparent to Toby that by helping Tommy, his incredibly loyal best friend Oz has put his own life in danger.

Directed by Robert Lieberman  

Starring Craig Olejnik, Lauren Lee Smith, Enis Esmer, Peter Stebbings, Rainbow Francks, more...

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