One Murder - Fifty Suspects

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Western, 1959, 30 min.

Synopsis Loan shark Skinner Smith is found dead in his shop and Dr. McCarty confirms he was poisoned. A plug of tobacco was found in Skinner's hand which Dr. McCarty finds to have poison in it including strychnine. Everyone in town hated Skinner so there were dozens of people who had threatened to kill him. Working with Skinner's records Earp and Shotgun question people all over town but no one confesses. They notice that bank clerk Clark has borrowed money multiple times in increasing amounts to fund his poker gambling. Clark wants to marry Janey Logan but she refuses until her ailing grandfather passes away. Her grandfather is not impressed with Clark being a only a bank clerk. Clark asks her to marry him immediately so they can leave town but when she refuses he leaves on the stage anyway. Earp hearing this stops the stage and arrests Clark who does not confess. An upset Janey tries to break Clark out of jail but Earp stops her sending her home to her grandfather. Earp decides to charge Clark based on circumstantial evidence although he wonders if Clark is covering for someone. Judge Tobin tells him to "investigate" further.

Directed by Frank McDonald  

Starring Hugh O'Brian, Morgan Woodward, Douglas Fowley, Pamela Duncan, Douglas Dick, more...

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