Episode #1.5

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Drama, UK, 2011, 46 min.

Synopsis The last day of the trial coincides with a government vote on the abolition of jury service. Krystina,following her Internet dating experience,realises how much she loves her husband and Katherine resigns as the trial has taught her to treasure life and keep the baby. As the jury reassembles Katherine suggests that the retrial is due to a high likelihood of Lane's innocence and Jeffery and Tahir agree. Paul mentions his meetings with Tasha,who told him that threads from one victim's throw were found in Lane's car and this throws the jurors into confusion as the evidence is private and so inadmissible. As a compromise they agree to anonymously write their opinions on paper put into a hat,though the verdict is hung. Then Rashid reveals to Paul that,in the light of his studying the first trial,he knows Tasha is an impostor so Paul resigns as foreman and is replaced by Katherine. The verdict is delivered,after which Derek explains why he was always going to the tanning salon and Paul learns of Tasha's true purpose in befriending him. Nine months on the jurors have a reunion. Tahir has renounced America to become a British citizen and Paul,whose mother has recently died,congratulates new mother Katherine. They are all very pleased to hear that the government's proposal to end the jury system has been defeated.

Starring John Lynch, Eddie Webber, Anne Reid, Steven Mackintosh, Paul Bhattacharjee, more...

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