Episode #1.3

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Drama, UK, 2011, 44 min.

Synopsis Whilst Rashid obsesses over archive material of the first trial Paul's mother collapses and is rushed to hospital but insists he keeps his date with Tasha. Lucy makes sure Theresa gets a daily bulletin so that it will be her decision as to the verdict. On the trial's second day Ms. Watts savages the very young,arrogant police commander in charge of the enquiry,suggesting another dating agency client who has since killed himself was the murderer. In the lunch hour Jeffery and Tahir consolidate their friendship as the older man learns of the youngster's harrowing ordeal in the Sudan,Katherine discovers she is pregnant and vain juror Derek goes for his daily tanning session. Tasha plays on Paul's loneliness to try and tap him for the jury's opinions. Then Lane takes the stand,claiming he fled from the first victim's sexual advances and had an alibi for the second murder. That evening Rashid is mugged and Krystina severely disappointed by her Internet date who has lied about himself and from whom she runs away.

Starring James Naughtie, Jeremy Carter-Manning, Ronald Pickup, Meg Wynn Owen, Ivanno Jeremiah, more...

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