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Comedy, 1956

Synopsis Ralph's in line for a promotion. And the bus company wants him to get a physical. Ralph isn't aware of this requirement and isn't there when the doctor comes by the first time. Alice and Trixie have to go out and get Ed to come down and wait around until Ralph gets home, but they forget to tell him why he's getting a physical. When Ralph finds out he needs a physical he thinks it's for some insurance that Alice wants and he thinks is unnecessary. He decides that a way to fail the physical is to pretend to be drunk. The doctor believes what he sees and plans to report his findings to the "company". Ralph thinks he out smarted Alice until she comes home and tells him what was really going on.

Directed by Frank Satenstein  

Starring Ray Bloch, Art Carney, Jackie Gleason, The June Taylor Dancers, Jack Lescoulie, more...

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