The Incredibles 2

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Action/Animation/Adventure, USA, 2018, 118 min.

Tagline It's been too long, dahlings.

Synopsis Guessed incredibles 2 villian: underminer. Guessed setting of villian: underground sewers or his underground HQ. Will violet or dash have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Violets has hots for this one boy from the 1st movie. So probably she will have him as a boyfriend in the sequel. Will any non main characters appear like mirage or Edna in the sequel? Well probably edna. And I guess mirage will appear too. What about frost guy? I guess him too. You never know who appears. What if the sequel not family focused? Then it will focus on wife/husband of Bob/Helen, father/son, Father/daughter, mother/son, mother/daughter, or violet and her boyfriend. It's called the incredibles. So the sequel may or might not be family focused. Any new characters? Well definitely. Probably that guy that violet has hots for. The guy with the brown hair. How old would the main character be? Well Dash and violet will be teenagers probably. Like dash will be 16 and violet will be 18. Probably violet high school graduation will take place In the sequel. Bob and helen will be twice as old then he and she was in the first film. They both will be in the 40s or 50s. They will probably retired from hero work. So dash/violet will do the hero work. Probably violet boyfriend will join them or her. Will their superpower return from the 1st film? Yes. I know for sure their power will be returned. Will incrediboy return in the sequel if they didn't put underminer as the villian? Well probably. But he was destroyed by the plane fan. So idk. How violent will the sequel be? Idk yet. Will there be any drinking like alcohol or cocktail? Probably. Any profanity? Probably not. Will Bob's boss return? Well... probably as he suffered serious major injury from Bob in the first film. Will bob work for mirage at the island? Well probably. As he don't have a job. Oh yeah, jack jack might be in his older kid years:10+. And will be talking and going to school. Will the sequel be live action instead of cartoon? Well probably not but being in live action will be quite boring as their no animation effects. So no live action. What powers will jack jack have? Well he will probably not have the same powers in the sequel. But still the same suit defence. What powers would he have? Well Dash and violet has their own defense powers. dash has no attack ability. But can run really fast to avoid dangers! Violet has not attack abilities either. But can turn invisible and put out the force field. So jack jack will probably not have a attack ability. Just defense. What would his defense be? Idk yet. But he might get his 1st movie powers back.How good will The film be? It suppose to be better then first film. And however the film will not be developed until that guy made the film better then the 1st.

Directed by Brad Bird  

Starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Catherine Keener, more...

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