The I Scream Man

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Drama/Horror/Thriller, USA, 2008

Tagline What is your crime?

Synopsis A small, sleepy town has its share of secrets. In Hooper, Wyoming, the children have their own dark secret. When a psychologically bruised street vendor rolls into town using sweets as a facade for his vicious intentions, it means death is near for the guilty. He has come for a reason. He won't leave till he has cleansed Hooper of its depravity; till he has exterminated the ones who deserve it. Lynda Stichin and Bobby Mills are living their slow paced lives in this peaceful, isolated, and seemingly innocent slice of rural Americana. Soon, one innocent child's slip of the tongue will draw them into the cyclical trap of the churn, bringing them painfully close to the sharp, blood drenched, blades of the grizzly truth. Some questions are better left unanswered. The cycle of violence continues. What is your crime?

Directed by J.T. Mollner  

Starring Crispin Glover, George A. Romero, Haylie Duff, Dee Wallace, Judd Nelson, more...

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