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Directed by
Chris Addison

Jacqueline Schaeffer

Produced by
Roger Birnbaum
Ilona Herzberg
Robert Huberman
Suzie Shearer
Rebel Wilson

Original Music by
Anne Dudley

Michael Coulter

Anne Hathaway
Rebel Wilson
Tim Blake Nelson Portnoy
Ingrid Oliver Inspector Desjardins
Alex Sharp
Sarah-Stephanie Dancer
Meena Rayann Roulette Croupier
Aaron Neil Amir
Raffaello Degruttola Fancy Euro
Kumud Pant Investor
Douggie McMeekin Jason
Francisco Labbe Enrique Escalera
Alphonso Austin Disco DJ
William Jongeneel Man with Pipe
Ekran Mustafa Airplane Passenger
Bruno Sevilla Guillaume
John Hales Gregor Gregorsky
Sam Lilja
Tom Moutchi Lil baguette
John Alansu Hotel Valet

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