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Drama/Crime, USA, 2002, 44 min.

Synopsis Nick defends the interests of the hospital which employs surgeon Brian Olson, whose patient died in a routine operation. He's married to Lulu, who helps nobody and wrecks the marriage completely. Nick discover Brian failed to disclose his mild epileptic condition. Nick is also to represent the interests of Betsy Fortunato, whose father confesses the bloody killing of her mother, who has the incurable mental disease of Huntingdon. Nick arranges for Steve and Cheryl Manley to adopt Betsy's baby Chris without saying it must be tested as Huntingdon is inherited in half the cases, including Betsy. Nick discovers an even worse secret. Burton bugs Nick with a case as well as forcing a lawyer blind date upon him.

Directed by Michael W. Watkins  

Starring Simon Baker, Alan Rosenberg, Wendy Moniz, Charles Malik Whitfield, Raphael Sbarge, more...

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