The Dim Knight

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Drama/Comedy, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Jack (Colin Hanks) and Dan (Bradley Whitford) walk away from a house, as Dan reminisces about his old partner Frank's slobbery dog. They don't seem to notice the people in full protective rubber suits and gas masks running from the house and smoke begining to pour out the windows. But the house gets their attention when something explodes inside.One Day Earlier District Attorney's Office Jack brings Liz (Jenny Wade) some cases and she mentions a date night with her boyfriend Kyle. They're going to see Ryan Adams - Jack turned her on to Ryan Adams. Ouch. Jack excuses himself to go work a string of poisonings... of dogs.At the third scene, Dan is incensed. He's sure they're dealing with a burgeoning serial killer. "You watch, this case is going to bring us face to face with a sociopath," he promises.Cut to a tough looking Asian man starring down a mild mannered Asian man on a park bench. The meek one is Lee Yau (Robert Wu) and the other is Mr. Chen (Boyuen), he needs a translator. He says he's in the chemical business.Cut to Mr. Chen examining a boat load of guns in a trailer and asking for hollow points. Lee nervously tries to explain this isn't what he signed on for.Cut to Chen roughing up a local drug dealer. Chen doesn't like he man speaking ill of his chemicals, which he supplies to every drug operation in Texas. The man says the bad chemicals blew up his lab. Chen shoots him. Lee freaks out.Jack and Dan canvas Valleyheart suburb, scene of the poisonings. They talk to the head of the home owners' association and tell him to call if he sees anything. Dan notices a guy lurking nearby in an El Camino and goes to confront him. The guy peels out. Dan runs through backyards, hopping dog houses and making a bold dive for the back of the car -- and missing.Jack gets his plate number and they head to the owner's house. Dan peeks through windows as Jack explains they don't have probable cause to search the house. Dan shoots the lock off the garage. He's about to open the door when Jack sees something burning inside. It explodes.Dallas Police Dept. Ruiz (Diana Maria Riva) marvels at Dan's report, which says they smelled chemicals burning and then Dan shot the lock off. Jack carefully says "the events in the report did happen, yes." Just not in that order. Ruiz gives them the OK to show the house owner's photo around the stores which sell the chemicals.Three Hours Earlier The El Camino drives by and sees Dan shooting the garage door lock off.The driver heads to Bayard Chemical Supply, "Quality Solvents at Discount Prices." He restocks and creeps out the clerk by asking where he can find a motel.Cut to the man mixing chemicals in the bathroom.Back at the station, Liz stops Jack and asks him if he wants to see Ryan Adams - Kyle's busy and she thought Jack could take someone. He pretends like he has someone to take. When Liz leaves Dan assesses him and says: "You look like you could use some Foghat."They're off to bust some punks.Lee calls his cousin, yelling at him for hooking him up with Chen. Chen directs him to a house address.Cut to Jack and Dan knocking on that house's door. It's Mr. Spivey (Bruce Nozick), head of the homeowner's association. They ask him if he's seen the El Camino driver, Steve Maxson (Todd Waring), and show Spivey a picture. Spivey says he hasn't and thanks them for keeping the neighborhood safe. Then he walks to his living room, where a full meth lab is in operation. The guy making the drugs says the chemicals don't smell right. Spivey says they're the same he always buys. Then the chemicals start to smoke.Uh oh. A fire breaks out. Spivey runs out behind Jack and Dan walking away talking about Frank's dog, followed by the whole meth crew. And then the house explodes. Some of it lands on Mr. Chen's nearby car. He suspects someone is tampering with their chemicals. Later, Ruiz and more police are on the scene. They found the same chemical in Spivey's house that they found in Maxson's. "So our dog poisoner isn't a dog poisoner, he's a meth lab exploder man?" Dan connects.Ruiz is impressed with their uncharacteristically good work. Jack makes the case for staying on it, and Ruiz agrees.Cut to Elmwood Chemical Storage, distributor of Xianxing Chemicals. Chen wallops on the owner, Joey (Joe Nemmers), who protests no one is touching his chemicals.Lee smiles and tells the man he needs his help. Lee gets tough and pleads for the man to call 911 when they leave. Chen doesn't understand Lee's pleas for help. He wants the list of the labs that have blown up.M & P Chemical Sales Dan chats up an attractive older woman, who bends over really far in her V-neck to answer his questions. He gives her his number, even though she hasn't seen Maxson.Dan explains his moves to Jack, who asks hypothetically what he would do if he knew someone who was in a bad relationship and didn't know it. Dan advises him to keep his trap shut to Liz.Cut to the supply place where Maxson gets his chemicals. The clerk sends them to the motel down the street. In his room, Maxson has a notebook full of photos of people who have been x-'d out. There's a picture of a teen girl in the notebook, too.Spivey confronts his meth cooker, upset all the effort he put into becoming head of the homeowners association so he could do whatever he wanted just blew up. The cooker tells him other labs are blowing up, too.Jack and Dan see Maxson's El Camino in the motel parking lot and decide to go in alone, naturally. They bust in on Maxson who's watching cartoons and eating cereal. He starts crying.In the police department, Maxson tells them about his daughter, who got hooked on meth. He bursts into tears. She stole from him. He got her dealer arrested, but he was out in two days. She's now dating a drummer. Maxson is despondent. He says the stuff he used was supposed to neutralize the chemicals, not blow them up.Jack explains to Ruiz that Maxson had the right idea, but the cookers added too much of the stuff til it blew. Ruiz asks how Maxson got access to the chemical supply.8 months earlier Elmwood Chemical Supply, Maxson applies for a job as a delivery driver at Joey's company.Ruiz gives them the OK to put a wire on Maxson and send him to the supply store.Cut to the supply store, where Spivey and his cooker are now roughing up Joey. He tells them he'll tell them the same as he told the Chinese guys: when the chemicals come in, only he and his driver touch them. Maxson.Spivey goes to Maxson's locker and finds a photo of him with his daughter inside. Spivey recognizes Maxson from the photo Jack and Dan showed him and wants to know when he's working next.Back at the department, Dan objects to the deal Liz has put together for Maxson. Dan doesn't think he deserves jail time and won't stand a chance inside. "Look at his face, it has 'Yea, sure, I'll be the wife,' written all over it," Dan says.But Maxson is fired up to wear the wire and get the bad guys.After Dan and Maxson leave, Jack can't help but tell Liz he doesn't think Kyle deserves her. He's shocked when she doesn't disagree.They figure Maxson will be fine. "It's just him and his boss in a big warehouse, how bad can it be?" Jack wonders.Cut to Spivey, the cooker, Joey and two other guys in the warehouse, waiting.Then to a burned out trailer, Big Rick's Meth Lab, with Chen and Lee outside. Chen says his bosses want out of Dallas, but first they have to get rid of the supplier.At the department, Jack talks about what this case could mean for them. Dan tells Jack about the time he almost made lieutenant, after he and Frank saved the governor's kid. They went out to celebrate and the morning after they were found naked in a Dumpster. Whoops.Outside Joey's store, Dan gives Maxson a pep talk to go inside.Inside, Spivey and his goons confront Maxson. Jack and Dan hear Maxson say: "I can't help but notice you're all holding guns."Jack and Dan race to the door and hear a shot. They think Maxson was just shot.20 seconds earlier Shots ring out, but it's Chen taking out all of Spivey's crew. Maxson and Lee cower behind trucks.Outside, Dan finds a bucket of chemicals and puts it outside the door, then shoots it. They go inside, where Chen is still taking people out. He orders Lee to shoot but he can't. He protests he's just a translator and doesn't like guns, then flings his gun to the ground. It hits and goes off and a bullet hits Chen square in the forehead. Lee marvels that that was incredibly fortuitous and runs away.Jack and Dan think they've got everyone but Joey comes up behind them and they're caught. Then Steve shoots him. Dan nearly blubbers over the thought of Steve going to jail, so Jack relents, gives Steve cash and tells him to leave town and quit blowing up meth labs.Back at the station, they take their punishment from Ruiz. Their report says Maxson overpowered them.Liz visits Jack and tells him Joey is giving up meth labs from his hospital bed. She also tells him she talked to Kyle and told him she was upset, so date night is back on. Jack gives her the tickets back, along with his dignity.

Directed by Kevin Bray  

Starring Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, Jenny Wade, Diana-Maria Riva, Todd Waring, more...

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