Hunches & Heists

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Texas Federal Bank, 10:13 a.m., Code 4120 in progress Cut to a TV news report in which the anchor says two cops robbed a bank. Footage from someone's cell phone shows Jack (Colin Hanks) and Dan (Bradley Whitford) telling everyone to get down and not trying anything and no one will get hurt.Two Days Earlier Lt. Ruiz (Diana Maria Riva) leads a meeting saying they have intel about a bank robbery from FBI. Dan starts pestering Jack about his breakfast with Liz (Jenny Wade), talking through Ruiz. She asks if they've heard a word she said and Dan recaps it perfectly: bank robbery in the next 72 hours.She passes out info on the would be robber Walter De Parco (Dan Castellaneta) he intends to be there for her financially and otherwise - maybe sooner than she thinks. She worries he's up to something. He says the only reason he got caught back then was because of Dan Stark, who he assumes is probably chief by now. "The guy's like a Super Cop," he says.Cut to the super cop, peeing in an alley outside the drycleaners. Jack says whoever cut through the wall did it in the security camera blind spot and didn't hit anything in the wall. Dan finds a blade at his feet.10 hours earlier Someone saws through the wall. The blade snaps. Tommy swaps it out and keeps going. A crew sneaks into the drycleaners.Back at the station, a tech tells Jack the blade is from a diamond-tipped circular saw, a very expensive saw.Jack and Dan check out construction sites. They find a guy named Tommy with the saw. He starts firing a nail gun at them and running. He kicks Dan over and throws something at Jack then slides down a ladder and runs away. "That guy's not a metal worker, he's a ninja - a ninja named Tommy," Dan proclaims.Jack and Dan try to explain to Lt. Ruiz how Tommy got away. Jack says whoever did the drycleaner job was after more than just pants - his gut says so. Dan can't believe they're still worrying about little old Walter.Dolph, the head of the drycleaner bust ,talks to his goon, explaining why he's a vegan and how he's on heart meds because his last crew stressed him out so much. Tommy joins them. Dolph heard two cops visited him. Still, Dolph tells Tommy they're good.Jack and Dan have tracked Tommy down, but go to Liz for a warrant for his house. Dan's still rocking his wife beater because he left his bbq sauce-stained shirt at the cleaners.Liz tells Jack that Kyle's still acting nervous. Jack tells her to give him time, or dump him.Molly Deparco comes to see Dan. She wants him to talk to her dad to talk him out of getting into trouble. Walter used to cut out articles on Dan when she was a kid. She gets flustered talking to him.Dan goes to talk to Walter, over Jack's objections that he should tell Ruiz where Walter is. Jack goes to Tommy's with two uniform cops. They heard weird noises from inside - and find Tommy dead with a needle in his arm and cartoons on. Jack thinks an OD doesn't fit with the ninja-like moves they saw earlier.18 Hours Earlier Dolph tells Tommy he's not upset and they're good. Then Dolph's goons pin Tommy down and Dolph shoots a needle in his arm.Dan and Walter share a drink, remembering Walter's old failed getaways. Walter says he misses the chase. He tells Dan he thought Dan would be running things by now. Dan tells Walter the feds think he might be up to something. Walter says he's not up to anything.Walter tells Dolph the cops think they're up to something. Dolph gives Walter $10,000 in cash and promises him the cops have no idea what's going on.Jack and Dan go back to the cleaners - to see the "scene with fresh eyes." And, also, so Dan can get his shirt. Jack notices a guy in a security uniform railing about his missing uniforms. He tells them five were stolen. He works at Texas Federal Bank.Jack and Dan go into the bank. They notice the guards in uniforms which don't fit. One starts to reach for a duffel bag and Jack tackles him. The scene from the opening plays out, with Jack and Dan ordering the guards to get down, too.The manager comes over and says the man Jack has pinned has worked there 14 years. Dan checks the bag, he was going for his lunch. They let him up.Ruiz yells at them later. Dan blames it on a stupid hunch he had. Jack asks him why he took the blame. "She already hates me, what's one more thing?" he says.They leave for lunch.Dolph's guys load up a van, where the uniforms hang inside. They carry out metal boxes labeled "explosives" and drive away.At lunch, Dan dives into a plate of ribs. Dan tries to convince Jack to follow his gut. He says his gut was wrong before about Liz - thinking she was the one. Dan suggests he do something "stupid and impulsive" about it. "Frank used to have a saying: You're always wrongest before you're right," Dan says.Jack gets a call. Molly Deparco called for Dan. She meets up with them and shows them a note saying if he doesn't come home from work tonight, don't worry. He doesn't have a job. He told her to say away from a bridge, with a bank nearby. Jack has a hunch.Outside the bank, Dan tells Jack that Walter likes station wagons. A station wagon pulls up, with Walter at the wheel. Jack wants to call it in, but Dan thinks no one will believe them. He rips out the radio and goes to join Dan in his car. Jack climbs in the back seat.20 Minutes Earlier Dolph briefs Walter on the plan, which involves Walter's crew breaking in to somewhere.Walter tells the guys someone came to him with a foolproof plan because he has someone on the inside. Walter thinks the charges were to gum off traffic, but they were supposed to have gone off and haven't. Dan thinks Walter got lied to.18 Minutes Earlier Dolph says good-bye to Walter and his crew, then joins his real crew, dressed as security guards. He tells them the decoy crew is on the way.Jack figures out Walter's crew are decoys and the bridge blast will keep the cops from responding. Walter's sure there won't be an alarm - and then it goes off. Walter's bummed he's not back in the game. Jack tells him to drive like the wind to the bridge.They pass a boatload of squad cars going the other way. The bridge explosions go off. They're officially the only cops on that side of the river. Jack calls the security company and learns they have guards at a museum and jewelry store. Dan flips to decide which one they're going to. Jack goes with his gut and says jewelry store.Walter swerves to avoid a woman with a baby and crashes into the getaway car. At the decoy robbery, Ruiz commends them for their good work.Outside the jewelry store, no one's there. Then the crew pulls up. But they see Jack and Dan and drive off.Ruiz doesn't buy Jack and Dan's story about the real robbers. Jack tells her they were following his gut.Dan offers to buy Jack some bbq.Jack sulks. Dan tells him getting chewed out by the "boss man-lady" shouldn't matter since they both know they stopped a real crime. Dan wonders what's going to happen to the fake security guards when they go back to their boss empty handed. "I'm sure Dolph will understand," Jack jokes.3.5 Hours Earlier, Well Outside of Dallas Dolph waits for his crew in a cemetery. They think he set them up and they were the decoys. They draw guns on each other and start shooting. Dolph takes a couple of them then clutches his chest - he forgot to take his pills. He gets enough strength to shoot another goon before he keels over.Three Days Later Liz meets with Jack, Dan, and Walter. She got him good terms for going back to jail, including his old cell above the laundry that smells like fabric softener. Walter asks Dan to give his $10,000 advance to Molly. Walter tells them he worries he missed his last chance at making things right and he realizes the only thing that matters are the people you love.Jack takes his words to heart and goes back in to see Liz to do something "stupid and impulse." She says she has something to tell him, but he kisses her first. She kisses him back. He says he's not over her. She tells him Kyle asked her to move in with him. Jack asks if they can agree this never happened.She says yes and he leaves. He then comes back and says she's not moving in with Kyle. "It's just a hunch," he says.

Directed by John T. Kretchmer  

Starring Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, Jenny Wade, Diana-Maria Riva, Dan Castellaneta, more...

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