Broken Door Theory

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Drama/Comedy, USA, 2010, 43 min.

Synopsis Jack (Colin Hanks) and Dan (Bradley Whitford) huddle together in a bathtub as shots ring out around them.One Day Earlier Dallas Police Dept.Jack stares longingly at Liz (Jenny Wade). She comes over, saying she needs to talk to him, then gives him the number of a girl she wants to set him up with. Not exactly what he was hoping for. Dan comes in to work, sick, proclaiming he's pretty sure he puked his pancreas up earlier. He'll take a day off when the bad guys do.Cut to the bad guy (Bob Hess), who has"Gemini" tattooed on his back above a picture of himself draped around two women. A guy in a track suit brings him envelopes of cash and tells him Holly (Kayla Mae Maloney) is failing to show up for some of her dates.Jack and Dan start their next case, #4399, the vending machine vandal. "We're literally going after a candy burglar," Jack says.Dan introduces Jack to the "broken door theory," which he learned from a TV show with "the little leprechaun who never takes his sunglasses off." (CSI: Miami, perhaps?) He explains it says you have to stop small crimes to prevent big ones. He's referring to the "broken window theory," but sticks with door because those crimes are a "doorway" to bigger stuff.Cut to the bigger stuff, Gemini and his goon checking up on Holly, who's trying to leave town. He tells her she's not allowed. They find her $10,000 in cash and he explains he owns her.Jack and Dan visit the Ligato Hotel to check out the busted vending machine. Jack's sniffling like crazy with his cold. He finds a drop of blood on the machine and decides whoever did it has rage issues. And someone might need saving, maybe even a hot woman.Cut to Holly the hot woman. Gemini is teaching her a lesson, burning her clothes in a pile on her lawn. He tells her to get back to work.Back at the hotel, Monroe (J.P. Manoux), the manager, tries to get rid of them, just wanting the report. Dan comes out of the bathroom reporting a serious blockage. The manager goes to check it out and they print out a guest list.Back at the department, they find the name of a man who lives in Dallas on the list. They visit Paul McIntyre (Robert Curtis Brown), who insists in front of his wife that he wasn't at the hotel. Then goes for his wallet and lamely pretends to have just discovered his card was stolen.After Jack and Dan leave, Paul calls Gemini and tells him he doesn't pay $2,000 a night to have the cops show up at his door. He's taking his business elsewhere.Gemini thinks someone's talking to the cops and he knows who.Jack and Dan go back to the hotel to talk to the manager. He's not around, but then they see him flying through the air, falling down from the roof.90 seconds earlier On the roof, Gemini and his goon talk to the manger. Gemini chews him out for talking to the cops after he gives him a cut of his profits. The manager has caught Dan's cold but Gemini takes his profuse sweating as a sign he's guilty. Off the roof he goes.Dan and Jack race up to the roof but no one's there.Gemini pleads with Paul McIntyre, saying he had a leak in his operation but took care of the problem permanently and the next one's on the house.Back the crime scene, Jack and Dan learn the case is going to Homicide. Dan is hacking like crazy when he leans over and sees something in the bushes.At his place, Gemini is coming down with Dan's flu and realizes his watch is missing.At the department, Dan shows off his shiny new watch to Jack, who reports before McIntyre's card was used at the hotel it was used to buy a putter engraved PM. Definitely not stolen.Outside the McIntyre house, Dan pauses to let his sick gut rumble ferociously and then draws his gun to go talk to a guy who they have yet to actually link to the case. Then gun shots run out and McIntyre comes through his front window.10 seconds earlier Inside, McIntyre's wife Pam (Farah White) presents him with the credit card he supposedly lost. Then she starts shooting. He dives through the window to escape.Outside, Jack and Dan draw their weapons as Paul cowers behind them. Dan proceeds to tell Pam there's no point shooting her husband and going to jail when she could just divorce him and get everything. He says they'll say she thought they were burglars and that's why she fired. By the end of his speech, he's giving Pam a reassuring hug.Inside, Dan yells at Paul, accusing him of killing the manager. He tells them about Gemini and they tell him to set up a date. "Ask for a blonde, not too skinny, natural," Dan suggests.Gemini is suspicious when McIntyre passes on Dan's fleabag motel suggestion.At the motel later, Holly pulls up, looking every bit the high class escort, and knocks. Jack answers. Holly senses he's nervous and asks him about it. He starts talking about Liz. Waiting outside, Dan chugs Pepto in the Trans Am.Back inside Holly is explaining Liz is trying to set Jack up because she's with someone and Jack won't seem so tempting if he's not available. She mentions her ex, who got her $50,000 in debt and left her, which is how she ended up an escort.In a big black Escalade outside, Gemini chugs Pepto and waits but gets impatient. Dan knocks on the door and soon they're talking inside as Gemini creeps up outside. Gemini and his goon start shooting.Holly, Dan and Jack crawl to the bathroom and we see Holly was at the foot of the tub in the beginning.Later, Lt. Ruiz (Diana Maria Riva) chews them out for the unauthorized sting operation. She orders them to pass their info on to Homicide. But they decide they don't have any.Holly overhears them mention the vending machine and mentions Gemini owns a vending machine company which he inherited from his dad.32 Years Earlier, Eugene aka Gemini is a pimple-faced teen (Cole Cordell). His dad raves about it being the only cash business left, outside of prostitution.Jack and Dan go to Liz for help getting the vending machine company's financial records. As a parting gift, Dan leaves her his handkerchief with the vending machine blood, and all his sneezes from the past day.Back at the department, the Homicide detectives are yelling at Holly for information she doesn't have. Jack breezes in, telling them Gemini is Eugene Spellman Jr. and his records prove he's hiding income.Cut to Gemini, sick in his bathroom. A news report comes on saying they have a suspect in the shooting. He think it's time to run.Back at the department, Ruiz tells them to go home and warns them to stay a mile away from Gemini.Cut to a pharmacy 1.01 miles from Gemini's house. Jack and Dan wait in the Trans Am. The Homicide detectives pull up next to them. Jack tries to warn them to be careful with Gemini.Dan's close to retching again so Jack yells at him to take a day off. Dan then tells a story about his former partner Sonny LeBarge and one morning when he woke up and peed and it hurt. "That's what you get when you meet a girl at a Foghat concert," he explains. So he called in sick, Sonny got partnered with a rookie and got shot. He survived but Dan promised himself he'd never take a day off again.Dan goes inside for medicine - beer. "Generally I'm a liquor man," he explains to Jack, "because it lubricates the joints and disinfects the organs and such."As they're talking inside, they notice Gemini standing at the pharmacy counter.5 Minutes Earlier Gemini's goon splashes gasoline around as Gemini explains the cops will waste time putting out the fire and identifying the body. The Homicide detectives ring the doorbell and Gemini explains where he'll be getting the body. He shoots his goon, torches the place and leaves.Back at the pharmacy, Jack and Dan realize both of their guns are in the car. Gemini pulls his on the pharmacist, after he tells him he needs a prescription.Jack puts a toy gun against the back of Gemini's head and tells him to drop his. The ruse works until Gemini sees the orange gun in the mirror and fights back. He whacks Dan with a nearby mop and sprays something in Jack's eyes then runs outside.Jack and Dan run around back looking for him. Gemini jumps on Dan's back and puts him in a choke hold. As he's slowly passing out, Dan cuffs himself to Gemini. Jack runs up and punches Gemini out. Jack checks on Dan. Dan makes sure they got him, then asks to go back to sleep.Back at her place, Holly assesses Gemini's fancy watch as Jack tells her over the phone she can pawn it with Julius and he better give her a fair price or they'll serve all his warrants on him.At the department, Liz drops by. The place is nearly empty, cleaned out by sick cops who don't believe in flu shots. Jack tells Liz he called her friend and never heard back. She says Laura's ex boyfriend was on Gemini's client list so Laura's off men for a while. Jack is pleased to remind Liz he's still on the market.Liz tells Dan they got the DNA of a sex offender off his handkerchief. He's registered for streaking.They go to pick him up. He's a preppy cocky young dude named Ryan Winkle (Donny Boaz).Flash back to About a Week Ago. The guy tries to buy something from the vending machine and smashes it up with trash can when it doesn't give him his candy.He tells Jack and Dan to send the bill to his uncle, who owns the hotel. When they realize they can't do anything to him, Jack checks if he's had a flu shot. When he says he hasn't, Dan plants a wet one on him.

Directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik  

Starring Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, Jenny Wade, Diana-Maria Riva, Jon Sklaroff, more...

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