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Drama/Comedy, USA, 2010, 44 min.

Synopsis Jack (Colin Hanks) and Dan (Bradley Whitford) prepare to bust out of the back of a semi trailer using overwhelming force. They settle for whacking the guy in the head with the door. When they see tough guys in black holding automatic weapons they make a run for it.45 Hours Earlier: Trail of Wayne YoungDan testifies in a trial, answering Liz's questions in a drug trafficking case. The defense attorney asks about Dan questioning Wayne Young's business partner.3 Months EarlierWe see Dan shoving an electronic device down a man's pants, telling him it's a bomb and he'd better confess or else.Back in court, Dan explains he just took the back off a transistor radio, it wasn't really a bomb. But the case is dismissed.Outside, Liz (Jenny Wade) chews out Jack for not controlling his partner.Dan tells Jack they'll get them next time, but Jack says the department is pulling its resources. Dan says he'll take Wayne (Gregg Henry) down with the cash in his pockets: $3.52.Wayne gets released from holding and immediately takes a shotgun to visit the guy who rolled on him. Paco (Brett Rickaby) tells him he's got a buyer lined up for a brick of H with plans to move more.Jack consoles himself with a donut in a diner. He calls Dan, who is sneaking around the Dallas Metro Mall parking lot. When he gets off the phone, Dan tackles Julius (RonReaco Lee) the snitch into a Dumpster. He asks about Wayne. Julius gives Dan Wayne's address. Julius asks for permission to hug him.Jack visits Liz's office, saying they want to go after Wayne. She tells him they'll have to catch him in the act and do it by the book.At his desk, Jack reads Wayne's file. Dan gives him the address.At the store, Dan uses code violations as an excuse to go in and look around. "Maybe we better check out that truck, make sure their cargo is properly secured," Dan says.Jack calls Liz, telling her he'll be late.Jack and Dan climb into the back of the semi. Dan thinks the boxes are full of crime.They hear someone coming. Julius calls Dan, but Dan explains he can't talk because he's in the back of a truck. They see Wayne and his giant shotgun close up the back.Julius, eager to have his three warrants quashed, drives to the warehouse. His friend Skeeter (Kevin Sussman) meets him there. He thinks if Dan dies, he's going to prison for five years. Julius called Skeeter because he knows Wayne. Julius offers him his Lexus to help find Wayne.Skeeter can't say no.The truck, with Paco at the wheel, drives down the road at night. Paco explains his plan relies on border agents only doing spot checks of cargo. They hear a loud noise. Wayne thinks it's the truck backfiring.30 seconds earlier: In the back of the truck, Dan takes out his gun and tries to shoot a hole in the wall. Jack explains the walls are reinforced steel.Dan's pretty sure if they jump out the back and push off it'll cancel out the speed and they'll be fine.Liz waits for Jack at work, peeved he's late. She sees the address of the trucking warehouse on Dan's desk.Julius makes the redneck rounds with Skeeter, who has found Wayne is going west working on a deal. He's working on details. The deal is with someone foreign and scary looking.Cut to a scary looking foreign dude, Mikkel Anderson (David Dayan Fisher), South African dealer in dry goods and heroin.Skeeter and Julius head west.Wayne asks Paco if he's got any other deals in the works that he should know about.In the back of the truck, Dan tries to cut a hole in the bullet proof steel wall with a pocket knife. Jack opens the inventory and finds scented candles - just the thing to mislead drug sniffing dogs.On the road, Skeeter finishes a call and says the deal is going down in Lubbock by the Lil' Trading Post Curio Shop. He now knows the dealer bought a lot of guns for the deal.Julius tells Skeeter to focus on saving the cop with the mustache.In the back of the truck, Dan finally finds the brick of heroin. He thinks this means his plan, including getting locked in the back of the truck, worked. He explains how crime fighting is a team effort and the difference between good guys and bad guys is the bad guys are a bunch of guys with guns but the good guys are a team of guys with guns.The truck stops at the Curio Shop. Wayne thinks the location is too exposed. Paco thinks they're 100 miles from the nearest cop and there's no way they can get caught.The South African and his guys pull up with automatic weapons. Mikkel tells Wayne to put the shotgun down and get on his knees. A goon whacks him. Paco mentions he and Mikkel have a side deal.28 Hours Earlier: Paco's Apartment. He's on the phone, pitching the deal, then suggesting Mikkel kill Wayne.On his knees, Wayne tells Paco he had the side deal.26 Hours Earlier: Wayne meets with Mikkel, saying he'll take care of Paco if Mikkel brings a shovel.Mikkel tells Paco to kneel as well.25.5 Hours earlier: Mikkel tells his goon it's best they kill them both and take their product.Mikkel tells his guy to open the truck - he gets a truck door to the face.Dan and Jack jump out, expecting two guys and seeing more like six. Mikkel and his guys start shooting. Wayne runs for cover and tries to take out Paco. Jack and Dan hide in the curio shop.Liz visits Lt. Ruiz (Diana Maria Riva), telling her about the address she found. Ruiz makes a call asking when the last time Jack or Dan checked in.Back in Lubbock, the gunfight rages on. Paco grabs an Uzi and hits Mikkel's town car, which promptly explodes. The brick of heroin is blown into Dan's hands in the shop.Jack calls Ruiz for back-up, explaining where they are amid gunfire.Julius races down the road with Skeeter.Jack tells Dan back up is at least 20 minutes away. Dan wants to lead the bad guys to the back up, but Jack points out they have no transportation. They spot a car nearby and run for it. Dan hotwires it and holds the brick out the window for Mikkel, Wayne and Paco to see. They chase after them.As Paco drives, the candles in the back of the truck tip over and fire breaks out. Jack drives from the drug dealers as Dan enjoys the candy bar he got at the store.Wayne and Mikkel pull along either side of Jack and Dan. He hits the brakes and the bad guys crash, taking each other out. Then they see the flaming semi barreling towards them.They get out of the car and make a run for it, but Dan drops the brick. Paco shoots at them then spies the brick in the middle of the road. He races toward it as Mikkel is staggering from his crashed car. Paco grabs the brick and runs as Mikkel comes up behind Jack and Dan. They drop their guns.Mikkel is asking who they are when Julius and Skeeter come up behind him. Julius puts a gun to Mikkel's head then knocks him out.Dan tells Julius to run as they hear sirens coming.Ruiz and Liz are on the scene. Liz says Wayne has agreed to testify against Paco when they catch him.Dan says Mikkel is giving them tons of inside info. Jack's still upset they lost a brick of heroin. "I wouldn't say lost," Dan says.7 Hours Earlier: As the curio shop is blasted with gunfire and Jack calls for back up, Dan spies a decorative brick on the floor. He asks the owner how much it costs. He gives him $3 for it. It's conveniently the same size as the brick of heroin, which he unwrapped. Then he asks how much the candy bars are. Fifty cents.Dan walks over and picks up the brick from the curio shop shelf.Meanwhile, Paco tries to sell his still-wrapped hand-painted doorstop to Juan Cortez, a heroin wholesaler. Juan does not find the "Remember the Alamo" decoration humorous.Back at the department, Jack acknowledges Dan actually caught Wayne with just $3.52 (he lost the pennies). All Jack had to do was convince Liz to let Julius reduce 5 years in federal prison to six months probation. "Like I said, being a cop's a team sport," Dan says.

Directed by Stephen Surjik  

Starring Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks, Jenny Wade, Diana-Maria Riva, Gregg Henry, more...

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