The Girl on the Train

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Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2016, 112 min.

Tagline What did she see?

Synopsis Rachel takes the train every day to her imaginary job every morning and night at a specific time because she got fired when she drank way to much on a lunch and yelled at a client and lost the company their business. She has barely any money and stays a friend's house who she met in college. She drinks heavily every day because she could not seem to conceive a child with her husband (Tom) who after two years of marriage started an affair with some realtor (Anna) who got knocked up. Tom kicked Rachel out of her dream house she has bought with him and moved Anna in. Tom and Anna now live with their infant daughter (Evie) a few doors down from a couple named Meghan and Scott.Every day the train Rachel is on stops at a signal in front of her old home and the home of Meghan and Scott (she names them Jess and Jason). One day she notices that Meghan is kissing a thin, tall Indian man who is not Scott and she freaks out cause it hits so close to home. She goes on a binge of booze and wakes up the next day with a cut on her lip and a brutal gash on her head. She can't remember anything other then the fact that she got off the training at the stop where her ex-husband and Meghan and Scott live.Side Note: Rachel often wakes up not remembering and she will check her phone or e-mail where she messages Tom, either sending an angry rant or a sobbing plea.The next day, Tom will often return her call and she continuously apologizes. Rachel believes it is her mission to tell the the police about what she saw but they don't seem to believe her because she is an alcoholic and she can't seem to provide any facts other than the kiss she saw. She starts to reach out to Scott, lying about how she knows Meghan (through an art gallery Meghan worked at but went out of business in the small town they lived in) who believes her about the affair his wife had and is devastated. Scott starts to call Rachel and tell her things the police tell him in confidence and asking to meet with her even inviting her over to his house several times.The body of Meghan is found a few weeks later, but is deteriorated dramatically because of the easy rain over the last week. The cause of death is trauma to the head with the skull broken in several places as well as the fact that Meghan was pregnant. Scott is tested and is not the father. The other man who Meghan was with is identified as her therapist that she has been seeing, but he is not the father as well.Scott is devastated and hits rock bottom and when Rachel is invited to his house he confronts her about how she lied about knowing Meghan, how she is an alcoholic and unreliable. In a rage, Scott chokes her, drags her into the bedroom and locks her for a few hours. He releases her and tells her to never return.In a long flashback sequence it is revealed that after Rachel was kicked out of their home by Tom, Anna moved in. Rachel started drinking even more. At one point she climbed over the fence into the backyard of Tom and Anna's house, walked into the house while Anna was sleeping and picked up Evie and started walking out into the back yard towards the train tracks which is where the back yard faced. As the baby started screaming, Anna woke up and saw Rachel. Terrified, she grabbed the baby back and Rachel ran away. After that experience, Anna has been an emotional wreck and every time Rachel called, Anna would freak out asking Tom to call the police but Tom reassured her that he will deal with it.Now that Rachel showed up around more often, especially leaving the home of the neighbor where his wife was at first missing, but now dead, Anna is in a worse condition. She would always look behind her whenever she went anywhere, she would listen to what is going on in the house, if any creak was out of place as if someone was here. This led into more and more fights with Tom, where at one point he got so fed up he said he was going to the gym. Anna went upstairs and started to pack to leave to a girlfriend's house for a few days so she can relax, she saw his gym bag. Inside was a cellphone that was dead, after charging it up she looked at the messages but it was all from an unknown number. She called the voicemail only to realize it was Meghan's phone.Rachel, focusing so hard on the night when Meghan went missing, finally remembers what happened, she stumbled out of the train station, went to a bar, had more drinks and banged on Tom and Anna's house. Tom begged to drive her home but she wouldn't have it and left. Tom got in the car and tried to find her and in a passage under a bridge where he punched her several times, got into the car and then started to drive away as Meghan turned a corner and got into his car as well. Rachel realizes that Tom did something to Meghan and runs to Tom and Anna's house because Anna is in danger.As she approaches the house, she climbs over the fence and into the back yard and walks in the house through the back to see Anna. Anna does not freak out as Rachel starts to tell her everything she knows, Anna seems to believe it but is doubtful. Different topics are brought up such as Tom mentioning going to see his military friends but neither Anna nor Rachel ever met them.During this time Tom comes homes and finds them talking together, he starts to confess after Rachel confronts him and he admits that the had an affair with Meghan, but only because Anna was too busy with the baby. When Meghan tells him that she is pregnant and it is his child he says he wants her to get rid of it. Meghan angry and she starts yelling at him that he will have to pay. They were at some sort of park/ravine where they used to go to have sex in the car if a bedroom wasn't available. He wants to shut her up so he grabs a rock and smashed her head in several times and buries her.After his confession, Rachel tries to run but he catches her and hits her several times and tells Anna to go upstairs. He grabs Rachel and pins her against the kitchen counter. Since it was her kitchen, as she remembers where everything was and nothing was moved, she pushed him away grabs something and runs out in the back yard. As he runs after her, he knocks her down she turns around and shoves the cork screw into his neck. Anna comes running and starts to talk gently to him but Rachel sees she is digging it in deeper. The cops come and the girls cover each other by saying it was self defense. After everything is over, Rachel leaves and heads somewhere north on a train

Directed by Tate Taylor  

Starring Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, more...

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