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Directed by
Fredrik Edfeldt

Karin Arrhenius

Produced by
Gunnar Carlsson
Ann Collenberg
Tomas Eskilsson
Clas Gunnarsson
Malcolm Lidbeck
David Olsson
Poa Strömberg
Fatima Varhos

Original Music by
Dan Berridge

Hoyte Van Hoytema

Bianca Engström The Girl
Shanti Roney The Father
Annika Hallin The Mother
Calle Lindqvist Petter
Tova Magnusson-Norling Anna
Leif Andrée Gunnar
Maria Langhammer Elisabeth
Kryštof Hádek The Balloon Man
Emma Wigfeldt Tina
Michelle Vistam Gisela
Mats Blomgren Ola's Father
Per Burell Claes Curman
Henric Holmberg Gentlemen's Dinner Host

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