The Front Line

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Drama, Italy/France/UK/Belgium, 2009, 100 min.

AKAs Front Line / The Front Line / The Front Line

Synopsis The tumultuous political events of the late sixties that swept across Europe left a particular mark on Italy. The radical Red Brigades, committed to the violent overthrow of the State, were formed out of the student protests of 1968. Prima Linea was another Italian terrorist organization, founded in the late seventies and even more extreme in its methods. Believing there would be a coup by right-wing elements, a young Italian man, Sergio Segio, goes underground, convinced the use of violence is a necessary choice. There he meets the equally committed Susanna, falls in love and continues to fight the brutal battle of a political extremist. Eventually, Sergio grows disenchanted with the tactics of the Prima Linea, but when Susanna is captured, he resorts to the methods he has learned as a militant to try to spring her from prison.

Directed by Renato De Maria  

Starring Riccardo Scamarcio, Giovanna Mezzogiorn, Daniela Tusa, Awa Ly, Fabrizio Rongione, more...

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