Kill the Messenger

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2015, 44 min.

Synopsis Ryan Hardy wakes up in bed to see Joe Carroll standing over him. Ryan was expecting him -- Joe's there to teach him how to kill.Ryan wakes up with a start. He was sleeping in exile on the couch after his fight with Gwen, but she comes to patch things up. There's a special on TV about the upcoming execution of Joe Carroll.Meanwhile, Theo breaks into an office and cuts apart furniture until he fights the small booklet full of numbers he was looking for. The office belonged to Juliana Barnes, Strauss' paralegal. He kills the security guard who stumbles upon him.Ryan drives Gwen to work for protection when they're stopped by NYPD and Ryan is hauled out of the car. His car was reported stolen and the suspect fit his description. The officers apologize when they realize their mistake.Theo, in disguise as someone named Mr. Salman, returns to him home where his housekeeper greets him warmly.At FBI HQ, Agent Sloane tells Mike that she found evidence someone was streaming internet from Mark Grey's house. She thinks they can track the IP address.In a debriefing, they confirm that Theo Noble didn't exist before 2007. They've found 30 murder-suicides that could be Theo's work.Ryan is interrupted by a fraud alert call on his phone. They figure it's Theo's work.Driving to Barnes' office, Ryan's car is T-boned in an intersection. Theo calls to claim credit, promising he's just getting started.At Barnes' office, they wonder if Theo is looking for a way to contact Strauss' other "students."Back at his alternate ID house, Theo runs decryption software on the numbers from the notebook, but gets nowhere. He looks up a man named Gary Benson, then goes to run into him at a shooting range. Theo shares a sob story of getting run out of basic training to bond with the guy and invites him to get a beer.Atlantic CityDaisy works as a waitress in a strip club, where she makes a date to meet a rich young man later.Joe Carroll gets a visit from his court-appointed attorney, but is distracted by his lawyer's newspaper with a story about the hunt for Theo.Flashback to Joe in his classroom at Wislow College in 2002, Theo approaches Joe after class and suggests that maybe Edgar Allan Poe killed his brother but got away with it. Joe is intrigued.Back in prison, Joe tells his lawyer he has information for Ryan about Theo.Gwen comes by the FBI, freaking out because she's been put under review at the hospital after her electronic record showed she was over-prescribing medication. Joe is sure it's Theo's work. He promises Gwen he'll fix it.At the rich man's seaside house, Daisy tries to go along with his advances, even calling him Kyle. But when the man comes on too strong, she stabs him in the neck. Daisy is trying to pull herself together when she sees Mark Grey standing outside the window. He kicks in the glass and stalks Daisy through the house. She hides in a closet, but he finds her. "Mark drowned, I'm Luke," he says.Daisy pleads with him to spare her, finally getting his attention when she says she knows how to get him Mike Weston.At the FBI, they set up a trace on the burn phone Theo used to call Ryan.Over beers, Gary Benson tells Theo how his CO bounced him from the Army Rangers before he could qualify because of a failed psych evaluation. Theo suggests a way for him to get his manhood back.Cut to two masked men jumping an army-looking man in his house.Back with Mark, Daisy shows him the still-live feeds from Max's apartment and suggests that they can use whoever has been logging in every day to get to Mike. Mark orders her to strip. When she sees how nervous he gets, she climbs onto his lap until he tells her to stop. "I guess Mark's not dead after all," she says, walking away.Back with the CO, Theo goads Gary into pounding on him, then Theo shoots the man in the head. He explains to Gary that the man needed to die to prepare him for "things to come." Gary is excited to rub his ex-wife's face in his triumph.When they head outside to the car, Theo is put out that Gary left his mask inside and Theo goes to get it. Gary uses Theo's phone to call and taunt his ex.Agent Sloane tells Ryan about the burn phone being used outside the dead CO's house. They wonder what his connection is to Theo.Then we see Gary at work -- as a prison guard. Theo hacks the system to get Gary where he wants him, prompting him through an ear piece until he's outside Joe's cell. "Tell Joe Theo says hello," Theo tells him.Theo feeds Gary lines and they compliment each other's skills. Theo says he can't get him out, but wants his help. He tells him about needing a key phrase to crack Strauss' journal. He offers him infamy and immortality in exchange, promising him credit for all the kills that follow.At the FBI, Max tracks down the receipt for the laptop at Mark Grey's house. Tom sees start to trace it and runs to his locker. Max and Mike see that it's inside the building.Tom takes out the laptop and breaks it apart and they lose the signal. Max and Mike tell Ryan that someone on their team took the laptop.Agent Sloan traces the burner phone call to Gary's ex, then learns that Gary made the call not Joe. They find that he's a guard at Joe's prison.Back with Gary, Joe isn't convinced to help Theo and asks for information about Ryan and Gwen. When an alert goes up in the prison, Joe takes advantage of the distraction to grab Gary and snap his neck through the cell bars. "I'm sorry, Theo, I'm not ready to pass the torch yet. Not while I still have a card left to play," Joe says.Later, Ryan visits Joe to find out what Theo wanted. Joe acts hurt that Ryan doesn't want to be friends anymore. When Joe brings up Gwen, Ryan grabs him and starts choking him. Once the guards pry Ryan off, Joe thinks it's a sign of how much Ryan cares about him. Joe claims he's the most important relationship in Ryan's life. "No you're not -- you're a disease. Tomorrow night when they kill you, I'll be cured," Ryan says.Ryan returns home and goes straight for Gwen's booze. He pours a drink and is debating whether to drink it when he hears Gwen in the other room and drops the glass. He races to clean it up while she's in the bathroom. He talks to her through the door, telling her she's the most important thing in her life.She looks at her positive pregnancy test and starts crying.Joe lies down in his cell and takes out the sunglasses he lifted off Ryan. He starts breaking them apart to make a shank.

Directed by David S. Tuttman  

Starring Kevin Bacon, Kristoffe Brodeur, Shawn Ashmore, Sam Underwood, Jessica Stroup, more...

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