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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2015, 43 min.

Synopsis Ryan Hardy goes over crime scene photos when he hears Gwen calling from the other room. He sees a box, like the one Jeffrey Clarke ended up in, with blood all over the floor. He has blood on his hands.He wakes up with a start and goes to find Gwen.Later at the FBI, Ryan wants to find the box-maker, theorizing Clarke's box wasn't his first.Gina Rodriguez is ready for the press conference following Clarke's internet-broadcast confession. She has questions for Ryan, but while agreeing to tell her anything she asks, he points out she might not want the answers.At the press conference, Gina releases sketches of Kyle and Daisy.Watching the conference, Daisy freaks out, worrying they won't be able to go home if they're ID'd. Mark Grey gets angry as Ryan denies everything Clarke said in his confession. Then Ryan announces that Mark was behind the killings and is a "delusional coward and a malicious killer. But his days are numbered because I'm coming for him."Mark rages, saying he should have just killed Ryan.Left alone, Daisy thinks it's time they get away from Mark, saying it's time to contact Julianna.Back inside, Ryan rungs into Clarke's widow, Anna, who says her husband died because he was protecting Ryan.Max Hardy finds a case from two years ago of a woman who was found in the river, contorted into an impossible shape and bearing the same markings as Clarke. Ryan thinks he knows someone who can help look into the victim's internet history.Meanwhile, the contortor, Neal, finds his dad has wandered off. Back inside, Neal is upset with his father's nurse Luise for losing track of him. He calls her boss and reports that she didn't show up for work.Three reporters go back to their van after the press conference but find their camera man dead on the ground and then Mark Grey holding a gun on them.Kyle and Daisy meet with Julianna, who doesn't listen to their pleas to leave town and insistence that Mark is becoming unhinged. Instead, she tells them that Ryan has to be kept alive for the "end game" and assigns them to kill Max Hardy.Ryan goes to see former S & M madam Haley, for a lead on someone who might be into contorting people into small spaces. She tells him about a guy she's heard of, but says he'll need a broker to make the introduction.Back at the house, Kyle and Daisy are surprised to come home and finds reporters being tied up. To save themselves, one suggests they interview Mark to counteract Ryan's "propaganda."Ryan, Max and Mike follow up the madam's lead in a creepy warehouse. They find a video camera set up and Ryan finds a man crucified and hanging from the ceiling by barbed wire -- apparently willingly. They chase down the man dominating him.At the house, Mark frees the female reporter to film Warren interviewing him. But when Warren seems out of it, Mark nonchalantly drives a knife through his jaw.Ryan, Mike and Max interrogate the dominator and grab a hammer when he won't talk. Max intervenes, promising the man anonymity. He has an email address for Neal.Meanwhile, at his wood working shop, Neal gives some customers an intricately carved box they ordered. The nurse Luise is tied up in back -- alive so far.As the police take away the dominator, Max warns Ryan not to go too far, saying she won't cover anything up. Mike announces they've traced the email IP address to a building in Queens.At his shop, Neal converts a wood box made for a child to fit the nurse. He mentions his abusive childhood, but casts a rosy glow on it, saying his father did it out of love.Neal is ready to begin on the nurse when Ryan breaks in the door to his woodworking shop. Neal runs and they find the nurse, unharmed.Ryan and Mike follow Neal to the roof but lose him.Back home, Neal packs up frantically at home, telling his dad they're going on a trip. When the replacement nurse says his father's in no condition to travel, Neal knocks him out, takes his keys and hustles his dad to his car. Neal races off as sirens close in.Ryan, Max and Mike find the nurse on the floor and call in a search.As the female reporter "interviews" Mark, Neal calls Daisy. He blames her for the police chasing him and promises to pay her a visit some day. The reporter takes the opportunity to sow discord, asking Mark why Kyle laughed when she asked if they were his followers.Mark confronts them and the woman gets up and runs. When she can't get out the front door she races upstairs to a bedroom and pounds for attention on the window. No one sees her and Daisy stabs her for her efforts.Mark is annoyed she's dead, then sees the file on Max Hardy. He confronts them, but Daisy and Kyle say it's a present for him to cheer him up. They have her address and code to her alarm system. Daisy pledges their fealty and Mark hugs her.At Neil's house, Ryan realizes Neil's father had dementia and might be wearing a GPS tracker. They track it to a farmer's market in the country and find the nurse's car.Neil sees Mike and remembers his dad's tracker. He gives it to a little boy, who tells Ryan the man outside gave it to him.In the parking lot, Neil stabs a man for his car but his father sees him. Neil tries to convince his father he's confused, but his dad throws a fit. As dad tries to control his father, Ryan runs up to him. Neil gets in the car and drives off as Ryan fires at him.A little ways down the road, Neil runs into a road block and turns around. Ryan, Max and Mike drive straight for him and swerve at the last minute. Ryan chases Neil's SUV, finally crashing it to a stop.Neil gets out with a gun in his hand. Ryan tells Neil his father needs him and they can make a deal for Mark and his followers. But Neil raises his gun and the agents shoot Neil.Back at Mark Grey's house, he finishes his interview with the two dead reporters. Then he imagines Luke telling him to be wary of Kyle and Daisy.Back at FBI HQ, Ryan eulogizes Jeffrey Clarke, with his widow in the audience.After, Max confronts Mike for skipping the ceremony. He says Clarke died because of something he did, and he couldn't face his widow. Max hugs him and says "we're all responsible." Max's boyfriend sees the embrace.Back home, Ryan tells Gwen she should move in with him, despite all the violence that surrounds him. She asks him to promise there will be no secrets between them.Max Hardy returns home late at night to her apartment building. Her boyfriend surprises her in the hall, insisting on taking her to dinner. She leaves with him. Kyle and Daisy are inside and get to work bugging the place with video cameras.

Directed by Gary Love  

Starring Kevin Bacon, A.J. Ackleson, Shawn Ashmore, John DiRenzo, Sam Underwood, more...

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