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Directed by
Gerard McMurray

James DeMonaco

Produced by
Michael Bay
Jason Blum
James DeMonaco
Andrew Form
Bradley Fuller
Sebastien Lemercier
Steven R. Molen
Couper Samuelson
Jeanette Volturno

Original Music by
Nathan Whitehead

Anastas N. Michos

Marisa Tomei
Melonie Diaz
Lauren Vélez
Lex Scott Davis
Mo Actor
Steve Harris Freddy
Patch Darragh Arlo Sabian
Y'Lan Noel William
Joivan Wade
Chyna Layne Actress
Qurrat Ann Kadwani Reporter 3
Aaron V. Williamson Actor
Siya Blaise
Mitchell Edwards Kels
Maria Rivera
Jermel Howard Lorenzo
Jessica Bell NYPD Officer Wilson
Christian Robinson Capital A
Katina Forte News Anchor
Van Jones Van Jones
Amiya Steed Child Tenant
Rotimi Paul Skeletor
Justin Clarke Citizen 6
John P. McGinty Reporter #2
Geoff Schuppert Psychologist 2
Jane Fergus TV Reporter
Micah Donovan Purger / Ghoul
Peter Johnson Pastor Carl Almory
Robert Bozek Statistician
Chloé Xhauflaire Reporter #1
Eric Witkowski Firefighter
Billy Nemi Tech Worker
Brian Bernys First Victim
Brandon Williams Masked Man
D.K. Bowser Sharpie
Bill Smith Government Purge Supporter
Kathy Murphy Purge Supporter
A.J. Verel NYPD Officer Ramirez
Arlowe Price Purge Supporter
Dominic Mendez Government Tech
Evan Frew Purge Supporter
Joe Fishel Protester

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