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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Romance, USA, 2012, 44 min.

Tagline A different kind of detective.

Synopsis Like the New A-Team with Gadgets, former military show what to do with their skills & intuition post-discharge.Clean, witty dialog, good camera work on the way to the quite involved finding of a man gone MIA.Will he be discovered? If one expects a positive ending, one usually also gets it.After the speedily recovery of John Fogerty's guitar, a young man, whose car mysteriously breaks down, hops on the purposely arriving bicycle of a young gypsy girl and pays her $10 to pedal them to the desired destination, something with's end. His quest is to be passed on to the former major, Walter, who has yet not to find any one, or anything. The involved discussion not only leads to Walter's accepting the job, but also to a knockout self-defense scene, inter-spaced by a cockfighting crowd interruption, the controversy of parole-supervision case, the maritime meeting of a trumpet-playing drug queen and the revelation of a dirty military man. This viewer was exceptionally entertained.

Directed by David Straiton, Adam Arkin, David Boreanaz, Alex Chapple, Milan Cheylov, James Hayman, Kevin Hooks, Dwight H. Little, Seith Mann, Vahan Moosekian, Terrence O'Hara, Daniel Sackheim  

Starring Geoff Stults, Maddie Hasson, Mercedes Masöhn, Michael Clarke Duncan, Toby Hemingway, more...

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