The Fairly OddParents

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Animation//Comedy/Family, USA, 2001, 30 min.

AKAs "The Fairly Odd Parents" / Fairly Odd Parents / Fairly OddParents / Oh My! GodParents / The Fairly Odd Parents / The Fairly Oddparents / The Fairy GodParents

Synopsis Timmy Turner is a 10-year-old boy who wishes for a perfect life. Unfortunately, he has parents who work full time and often neglect him in favor of their own desires, and while they are out, he has an evil babysitter, Icky-with-a-V, who revels in tormenting him. By his side are his constant companions, his fairy godparents Cosmo (the idiot) and Wanda (the perfect straight-woman). Hilarity ensues as Timmy wishes himself into--and out of--all sorts of magical situations!

Directed by Sarah Frost, George Elliott, Sherie Pollack, Juli Hashiguchi, Dave Thomas, John McIntyre, Tuck Tucker, Randy Myers, Michelle Bryan, Kevin Petrilak, Jaime Diaz, Wincat Alcala, John Fountain, Larry Leichliter, Ken Bruce, Gary Conrad, Butch Hartman, Keith Oliver  

Starring Tara Strong, Susan Blakeslee, Daran Norris, Carlos Alazraqui, Jim Ward, more...

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