Murder on the Flip Side

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Drama/Crime, 1978, 60 min.

Synopsis A recording-company executive is murdered -- twice. At the beginning of the show, a young songwriter hears gunshots coming from the executive's office and hears him yell for help. She yanks open the door and he falls out dead, shot. But the bullet didn't kill him. To ease his pain, he had poured himself a drink of booze and THAT drink was poisoned! The plot thickens when the owner of the record label is found stabbed to death in her full bathtub. The songwriter is the unwitting main suspect in the executive's murder, but how could she have killed the boss (whose autopsy shows she was alive well after the death of the executive) when she was being interviewed by the cops? Something stinks besides the crooked record deals the two victims were feuding over.

Directed by Edward M. Abroms, Jim Benson, Ivan Dixon, James Frawley, Sigmund Neufeld Jr., Ron Satlof, Nicholas Sgarro, William Wiard  

Starring Vincent Baggetta, Wendy Phillips, Mel Carter, Dick Haymes, Basil Hoffman, more...

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