The Counsellor

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Drama/Crime/Thriller, USA/UK, 2013, 117 min.

Synopsis The movie begins with Fassbender ("Counselor") and his girlfriend Cruz ("Laura") in bed engaging in sexual activity and then switches back and forth to another scene where Mexicans are concealing cocaine in a sewerage truck.Counselor then explains to Laura that he is going to Amsterdam for "business", but he is really going there to buy her a diamond ring because he intends on proposing to her.Later, Counselor meets with Bardem ("Reiner") who influences the Counselor to get involved in drug trafficking to make a substantial amount of money. Counselor agrees with Reiner and a meeting is organised with Pitt ("Westray"), a business associate of Reiner, to get the ball rolling.Westray explains to the Counselor the severe consequences that could ensue as a result of getting into bed with the Mexican cartel. However, Counselor is adamant to continue on with the drug deal.In the next scene, we see the Counselor visit a client in prison ("Ruth") at the request of Ruth. At the meeting, Ruth explains to the Counselor the purpose of the meeting, which was to notify the Counselor of her son ("Richard") who has been imprisoned for speeding on his motorbike. Ruth also outlines to the Counselor that Richard was caught with $12,000, but she does not know where the money came from and what further charges were laid against Richard. Counselor assures Ruth that he will get Richard out of prison as a favour for her.However, little does Counselor know that Richard possesses a component, held inside his bike helmet, which operates the sewerage truck holding the cocaine.In the next scene, Reiner and Counselor have a lengthy conversation regarding Reiner's girlfriend Diaz ("Malkina"). Reiner explains to Counselor that although he loves Malkina, he is also afraid of her due to her unpredictable and questionable behaviour.Unsurprisingly to the viewer, we see Malkina chatting with "the Wireman" whereby her intentions are revealed to follow Richard (who holds the component to the truck containing the cocaine) and obtain the component.In a brutal killing scene, Wireman beheads Richard and obtains the component and the truck containing the cocaine. Later on, Wireman is stopped by some 'police.' However, Wireman is cautious and suspects the police to really be the Mexican drug cartel essentially wanting their cocaine back. Wireman's suspicions lead his partner sitting in the passenger seat of the truck to initiate a firefight with the 'police' (aka the cartel) in which case one member of the cartel is killed and the surviving cartel member manages to kill both Wireman and his partner thereby re-securing the drugs stolen from the cartel.Nevertheless, the cartel is out for blood due to somebody trying to steal their cocaine. Unfortunately for the Counselor, all clues lead to him given that he was the lawyer who 'represented' and essentially got Richard out of jail. The cartel opines that this was no coincidence and that Counselor had a part to play in the attempted robbery of the cartel's cocaine.Subsequently, the cartel initiates a mental breakdown of the Counselor and kidnap his girlfriend Laura. Meanwhile, Reiner is killed in a gunfight with the cartel and his girlfriend Malkina, who was really the person behind the attempted robbery of the cocaine, is short for money.Malkina decides to escape the cartel and go after Westray, who, after discovering the messy situation, fled to London. Malkina tracks down Westray and hires an American girl to seduce him and consequently acquire his computer password, bank account details etc to which she does so successfully.Malkina hires more men to kill Westray and acquire his computer in what I opine is one of the most brutal killings in a movie. Malkina then expresses her intentions to her banker to move to Hong Kong.As for Counselor, he contacts a man by the name of "Jefe", a high ranking cartel member, to try and track down Laura. However, Jefe refuses, and merely explains to the Counselor that his fate was sealed as soon as he made the decision to initiate the drug trafficking and implies to Counselor that instead of trying to fix his mistakes, he should rather accept his fate.Counselor has a breakdown and in the next scene we see the Counselor get delivered with a DVD with the words "Hola" which implies it is a "snuff film" of his girlfriend Laura being brutally murdered by the cartel.

Directed by Ridley Scott  

Starring Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Cesar Aguirre, Christopher Obi, more...

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