Touch of the Dead

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Sci-Fi, USA, 1996

Synopsis Maya is a virus which you can only survive for 48 hrs. 10 yrs ago, Daniel Cassian and Regal went out to explore Maya Virus but finally Regal got pierced by a broken glass with Maya and deceased. Daniel still remember Regal's death a lot. Today is Daniel's birthday, but his friends pledge not to tell how old Daniel was. When Daniel return home, someone clap his face with a scar on his face, made by Maya Virus glass. 9 Hours after Daniel slept that night, he call Edward Marcase and Kimberly Shiroma to find solution to solve Maya. Edward and Michael Hailey even went to ask a mental hospital old lady and asked on some details on Maya and Regal. When Edward and Kimberly stayed in Burning Zone BioHazard lab, Daniel got nightmare and dreamt of Regal killing himself and went out but Edward was able to control him. Edward and Daniel keep getting attacked after leaving that old lady from mental hospital. 15 mins before Daniel's doom time. Daniel was reading book, Edward, "Shit you got only 15mins to live but still able to read? If I were you I would cry now." Regal reached inside Burning Zone Biohazard lab and fed with vaccine and Daniel was rescued. Regal and Daniel met again but Regal already found her future and left Daniel Cassian this time!

Directed by Oscar L. Costo  

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael Harris, James Black, Tamlyn Tomita, Dennis Boutsikaris, more...

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