The Beast

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 60 min.

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "The Beast" - August 7, 2013The angry man from the roof, Galvan, and his chubby sidekick are counting money in a dank headquarters. Galvan is reading the paper and asks chubby for the definition of a serial killer. He says it's someone who kills lots of people. Galvan notes that he kills lots of people so he wonders if he's a serial killer. Chubby notes that serial killers do creepy things like rape and mutilation of their victims so the distinction is that they enjoy it. Galvan goes into another room where he has a man bound and has obviously tortured him. Galvan asks him where his cousin Calaca is. He tells him he went after a gringo named Linder in El Paso. Galvan tells Chubby that he has to go find Linder because he is not enjoying "this" and he then shoots the guy in the chair.(So Calaca is the creepy, determined guy who killed Linder's shrewish neighbor lady when he was looking for him.)Cross shows up unannounced at Ruiz's house wanting to talk about the case on a Sunday night. She points out that the dead Fed visited Christina Fuentes, the original dead girl from the bridge along with the judge, every week and was caught on video with her. Sonya points out that the murder of Gedman was a personal one for the killer.Ruiz invites her in for dinner. She turns her nose up at dinner saying it doesn't taste good and then throws Ruiz under the bus when she returns Ruiz's wallet to him right in front of his wife. His son Gus keeps staring admiringly at Sonya.Later that night, when going to bed Ruiz begins to take off his pants and his wallet falls out of his back pocket. His wife puts two and two together and realizes he slept with Charlotte Millwright. She promptly kicks him out. He goes without argument, knowing he is busted.The next day Sonya walks by a teen girl in the precinct. She was busted for shoplifting and is waiting for a ride. She and Tim try to get the dead Fed's FBI file from the other Feds in the conference room but they stonewall her. Ruiz comes out and says he slept on a bench in the backroom. They work on their wall of evidence. Ruiz says he wants to go speak to Linder. Sonya says he's no longer on the person of interest list. Ruiz says he's still interested and stalks off. Tim notes that Ruiz "got the toss" last night and needs to go get mad at someone.The smarmy, BMW-driving dad of the shoplifting teen arrives to bail her out and pick her up. Her mother isn't around. And he clearly doesn't seem to care very much about her. She asks to stay with him but he says it's not possible. He offers her a ride but she says she'll walk. He asks if they are okay, even though he hasn't even hugged her or been particularly nice to her. She says they are and walks away forlornly.Sonya goes to see Maria in the hospital. She is murmuring just a few words- "water," "please help." Sonya sits with Frye and they wonder why the killer has waited two days without calling Frye. Frye thinks the guy is resting on his laurels to make the cops and Feds look dumb. Sonya asks why Frye does a lot of drugs. At first he refuses to say but then he says because they're there and they're fun and make you hate yourself just a little bit less.Linder is in his underwear ironing when Calaca enters and asks where "Eva" is. Linder claims he doesn't know who he's talking about. They fight. Linder gets the upper hand by bashing Calaca's head with the hot iron. There is a knock at the door. Linder drags the body away and answers. It is Ruiz. Linder refuses to let him in. Ruiz asks him about how he said he helps people. Linder notes his work at the shelter. Ruiz notes that Linder went to Mexico 12 times in the last month. Linder says he likes Mexican food. Ruiz says no white person goes to Juarez that much without being up to something shady. Ruiz says he's going to find out. Linder says okay and shuts the door.He returns to Calaca and delivers the fatal blow with the iron.Back at the precinct Sonya says she wishes they could tap Frye's phone. And Hank notes the FBI can stonewall them for awhile since the files on the dead Fed are theirs. Ruiz grumbles about being one big happy team. Hank notes he needs a root canal which is why he's grumpy. He asks Ruiz his excuse. Sonya explains his wife tossed him out. Ruiz explains to Sonya how she threw him under the bus by giving back the wallet in front his wife. He admits that he did cheat on her with Charlotte. He says partners look after each other, it's an unwritten rule. She offers him the couch for the night so he doesn't have to sleep on the bench.The wayward teen girl crosses the border on foot to Mexico and aimlessly wanders around.Linder cleans up Calaca, wrapping his bloody head in Saran wrap and his body in a blanket.Ruiz visits Frye to talk about the story. He "accidentally' spills on Frye's desk so he'll run away and he then pockets Frye's phone.Sonya and Ruiz visit Maria who is now awake. She asks for asylum in exchange for information about the killer. She wants to be reunited with her baby in Houston. Sonya just wants information and doesn't want to wait. Hank has a friend in Homeland Security and says he'll try to make it happen for her. The secretary tells Ruiz that Charlotte has called twice and clucks disapprovingly.Mrs. Ruiz chats on a bench with a colleague at school. She admits that things are rough right now between herself and Marco. Gus walks by with his head down. They talk and he says he knows she's mad at Marco. She says she is but she is not mad at him. Gus complains that Marco only thinks of himself and not how his actions affect others like his wife or Gus himself. She reassures Gus that he can stay at the house with her. He seems relieved.That night, Linder pulls his car up under his window and dumps Calaca's body-- loudly-- onto it. No one appears to see him do this.The killer calls Frye's phone and Sonya answers. He hangs up and then calls Sonya on her work line. She says she's been studying him, knows him, and will eventually catch him. They talk about the dead Fed and he says that he's not the only one who knows that the Fed was seeing the dead girl and that it's an "institutional" problem, implying an FBI cover up.Hanks goes to see his Homeland Security buddy and she hooks him up with a visa for Maria. (We learn Hank's son is fighting in the Iraq war.)Ruiz meets Charlotte at a diner. She asks for help with Graciela Rivera, the woman who wants to keep the tunnel open. He says she is one bad mama jama and basically what she needs to do is simply wait her out, one or two years should do it since that kind of power usually snuffs itself out. He doesn't want to know too much. She says that she should take the long view then? He says yes and to just live her life. She asks after his life and he says it's a little rough. She thanks him for coming and takes his hand. He withdraws his hand and says he has to take the long view as well.Ruiz heads back to the precinct and Sonya informs of her conversation with the killer and that the FBI knew about the video of the Fed and Christina. Hank comes in and tells them about Maria's visa. Ruiz and Sonya head home to her house.Charlotte drinks wine and smokes cigarettes and calls an old friend and is very flirty with him.Ruiz looks at drawings on Sonya's fridge that look like they were done by a child. She says they were done by the brain-damaged man who killed her sister when she was 18 and working at a truck stop. (Sonya was then15.) Ruiz asks if it was a violent death. Sonya doesn't reply. He says he's sure she misses her very much. Sonya says she does sometimes, but she's gone.It is night and the wayward teen continues to wander around Juarez and sits on a stoop. A young man invites her up into his apartment with the offer of beer. A young woman in the house seems alarmed to see the girl-- who introduces herself as Dina. When the young man calls a friend and proposes they kidnap the girl for ransom, the young woman in the house helps Dina escape. They wander around in the night and happen upon a memorial: 8 pink crosses. They represent 8 girls who were murdered by a mysterious killer that people simply call "The Beast." One of them was the young Mexican woman's sister, who just disappeared. Dina explains her father is not particularly attentive and her other is messed up. The girl tells Dina to go home and not come back and not become a pink cross. Dina heads home to a fancy house and lets herself in with a key under the mat.A taxi pulls up to Charlotte's house and a hot blonde guy steps out. He's an old friend from Tampa. He appreciates how great she looks and calls her a "hot widow." He appreciates her "spread" and says she did good. He says it's time for a few drinks and to show her his new tattoo.Linder goes to bury Calaca's body in the desert and an SUV roars up and Galvan jumps out and says "that, is mine."Ruiz and Sonya bring the news of her asylum to Maria. She gives them a little information: the man was white but she didn't see his face and doesn't know the make of the car but it had a "cage" like a police car. Sonya wonders if the killer is "one of us."Ruiz and Sonya get the FBI files on the dead Fed and learn he went to a psychologist, Dr. Meadows. They decide to go see him. When they get to the house, there is a police car in the driveway. They enter guns drawn and find Meadows dead in his chair. Dina is cowering in the closet and says "I saw him. I saw 'the Beast'."

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Tom Wright, Ted Levine, more...

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