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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 60 min.

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "Rio"- July 24, 2013Charlotte lays Carl to rest next to the grave of his first wife.The old couple who stayed behind with the cattle truck say there were 12 walkers to start and they have nine dead from the poisoned water. It was Sarin. Hank, Sonya, and Ruiz do the math and realize that there is one "walker" still alive, a woman. They also realize that the killer's MO is changing as he's gone from single women to 9 walkers, from phone messages to direct calls to the reporter.We see gloved hands on a steering wheel and the sick female walker in the back of a truck.Back at the trailer the bearded man is in his underwear washing his feet in a bucket outside. He rubs a scar on his arm.At the crime scene, Cross and Ruiz survey the scene from up above realizing that the killer watched from there to see if they died and probably saw the woman get away and then likely picked her up on the road.Hank consults with the FBI who might want to take over the case. The deputy Stokes who found the judge also wants in on the task force. Hank allows this and wants his guy to chat with him because he thinks there may be something fishy going on with the eager deputy.Charlotte admonishes Carl's stepdaughter Kate for drinking before noon at Carl's funeral. Kate tells her to take her whore money and leave her alone. Some of the neighbor ladies inquire after Charlotte's plans and if she'll be leaving. They give her the cold shoulder when she says she's staying and wants to get more involved in civic activities.Cross and Ruiz find the trailer, it's all locked up. He wants to break in, she won't let him. Instead she sifts through the trash barrel in which he burned stuff-- including women's clothes. She wants to get a warrant before breaking into the trailer.Reporter Frye toots up some cocaine before going to see the police. His boss is there, Hank wants to talk to them about the killer picking his car and tipping him off to victims. Frye says he doesn't know why the killer picked him. Hank tells him any new tips from the killer Frye and his editor need to come to the police, in exchange for the cops talking to them first about new leads. Hank gives him the info about the walker who was likely picked up. He tells him to go investigate a lead on it in Juarez.Cross and Ruiz drive and Ruiz gets the news that Sonya filed a complaint against him for letting Carl's ambulance across the bridge the night they found the body. She won't drop it. They stop by the side of the road to buy flowers for the receptionist at the precinct, it's her birthday.After the last of the funeral attendees leave, Charlotte approaches a woman watching a horse run around a pen. She is older and Mexican. She is the woman who tried to buy her off with regards to the tunnel through the lawyer. Charlotte says the deal is over. The woman wants to talk about it. Charlotte says Carl is dead and she has to figure out her own life now and she wants no part of the tunnel. The woman proposes a partnership. Charlotte says she's not like this woman. The woman disagrees saying Charlotte was poor and did cheap things to pull herself out of poverty and she doesn't want to go back. Apparently, the woman did too.Frye and Mendez go to interview the couple who stayed behind, to ask about the female survivor. As Mendez interviews them the killer calls Frye and says he has the walker but he will only let her go for a price: a million dollars, and it must come from four of the richest men in El Paso. Frye tries to convince him to come talk to him face to face. The man hangs up.Back at the police station Hank explains what Frye found out: that the man wants his ransom paid by four specific people, one of them Carl Millwright, Charlotte's dead husband. Sonya speaks out of turn and is reprimanded by the FBI who want to run the case since it's a kidnapping.Charlotte shows up at the police station to find out why they called her husband. She says her husband wasn't political and thought immigration was okay. Ruiz explains the ransom demand. She says she doesn't think he'd want her to pay. He says they called to find out if there was some sort of personal connection between Carl and the judges. She says she's finding out her husband didn't tell her everything. Ruiz expresses his condolences.Sonya notes a new homicide at a familiar address and shows Hank. .Ruiz's wife gets the news that her son is ditching classes and calls Ruiz and says she's going to drop by with him after school.Ruiz and Cross go to see Steven Linder, the man who works at the shelter and keeps the women in his trailer-- and presumably disposes of them and is our killer. They're not here because they suspect him though. They're there because a woman down the hall from him was murdered. (This must be the woman killed by the man who was looking for Linder in the last episode, but he doesn't know that.) They say they need to speak to him. He leaves with them and drops a piece of paper. Cross picks it up and pockets it.In the interrogation room he asks what happened to his neighbor Wanda. They tell him that she was strangled. They ask about his whereabouts. He says he was at his trailer. They say they're searching the trailer right now. He doesn't know why. They ask if he called Frye. He says he doesn't know him so he didn't call him but won't let them check his phone.Sonya pulls out the paper he dropped. It's a picture of his sister, Marina he says. He hasn't seen her in 15 years since being placed in separate foster homes he says. Ruiz gets confrontational and asks if he's a person who picks up girls on the side of the road and takes them to his trailer. Steven says he's just a person who helps people. Hank pulls Ruiz out. Cross asks if he has this girl and he says no and he knows about the cases she's talking about because he's heard about it on the news but he's not their man. She notes that they are both looking for lost girls. He says he hopes they all find what they're looking for. He leaves. Ruiz stares him down. He's still suspicious that Steven is up to something. Cross says she believed him when he said he didn't abduct girls.Alma and Gus drop by the police station to say hi. Ruiz introduces them to Sonya. Gus clearly thinks Sonya is beautiful. She's very awkward with them. Alma also notes that she's pretty.Frye and Mendez are still in Juarez investigating when they witness an altercation on the street with one man shooting another man in the head right in front of them at a market. He freaks and stumbles backwards as the crowd scatters. Mendez grabs him and tells them they need to move.Mendez and Frye goes to her family home, which is very crowded, so she can file her story on the shooting. Mendez has to insist to her mother that she and Frye are not dating. Her sisters and cousins hit on him and he likes it. He begs for a beer or some tequila and gets it from Mendez's mom.Hank, Ruiz, and Cross look at crime scene photos and try to figure out what the kidnapper/killer is up to. Ruiz gives the flowers to the receptionist and says they are from both himself and Sonya. Sonya objects to this since they are not from her. He says sometimes you say things that aren't true to make people feel good. She seems to be hearing this for the first time.Steven walks throught town showing his picture of Marina to bums on the street. The man who killed his neighbor sees him and follows him. Steven hides in the shadow. The man pulls out a knife, he thinks that Steven is a "disgusting homo." He doesn't realize who he is. He doesn't see him and leaves him alone.Ruiz goes to see Charlotte at the ranch, it is late. He apologizes for coming by so late. She knows he's in trouble because he helped her on the bridge. He wants her to sign a statement that she didn't bribe him. She happily obliges. She says she's surprised they care since she thought all Mexican cops took bribes. He says he doesn't. She says she didn't mean to offend him. He offers condolences again for her husband. She thanks him but notes her husband wasn't a good person. He notes marriages go up and down. She asks if his marriage is up or down right now. He doesn't answer. She thanks him for being good to her on the bridge unlike Sonya. He says she was following the rules. She says you remember when people are good to you. He says he should let her rest. She says she's not tired and goes up to him and kisses him. They seriously make out.Frye insults Mendez in several ways- her family home is a "dump," he questions how she got into a good school, how she got her job at the paper. She notes being a lesbian saved her from the fate of her sisters and cousins baby mama-dom. She tells him they're not friends now just because she shared some things with him.Sonya's one night stand shows up at the precinct. She points out in front of Hank and her co-worker that she can't have sex at work. He says he wanted to say hi but didn't have her number and asks for it. She gives it to him. He offers to take her dinner. She says she's busy. She tells him he shouldn't come there. He says he understands.Ruiz leaves Charlotte,standing in a negligee in the driveway. She hears a noise and walks around asking after Caesar the foreman. She walks her way in to the stables where she sees her husband's prize horse has been killed, most likely by tunnel lady.Cross sees a video online at the El Paso Times website. She immediately calls Hank and wakes him up to watch. It is a video of Marina staked to the ground in the desert.We cut to her in the desert, a camera hanging over her. She struggles in her bonds, her mouth covered with duct tape, the sun beating down on her body.

Directed by Charlotte Sieling  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Ted Levine, Tom Wright, more...

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