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Drama/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 60 min.

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "Pilot" - July 10, 2013In the first episode of this new series from FX, we discover that a serial killer is operating on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. border and detectives from both sides team up to find him after discovering a body on a the bridge connecting El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.We open at night at the border crossing. Suddenly, the lights go out. All of the security cameras at the border crossing go out as well. A person drags a body from a car and drives off. The lights/power return. The body is discovered.Two detectives look over the scene. A Mexican, Marcos Ruiz, and an American Sonya Cross, El Paso homicide. Cross wants to take it since the dead woman is American and the car came from El Paso. Ruiz lets her have it.A woman whose husband is having a heart attack tries to bribe them to get across the bridge, but Cross isn't having it since it's a crime scene and the bridge is closed. The ambulance eventually crosses anyway, thanks to Ruiz.Cross is angry that he contaminated the crime scene. Ruiz and his men head out since Cross wants to be top dog.Over in Juarez a young woman gets into the trunk of a car driven by an American, presumably to get across the border.Cross finishes with the crime scene and when the techs go to move the body, they discover the woman was sliced in half. The victim is one Judge Gates. She calls it into her lieutenant Hank who tells her that the Feds are going to want in on the case.The heart attack man makes it to the hospital and tells his wife, Charlotte, that he doesn't love her and wants a divorce.Cross goes to tell Judge Gates' family about her death and isn't very comforting with her widower. She keeps awkwardly asking if he'd like a glass of water. The husband notes that she got lots of threats, apparently she was anti-immigration. She asks the inflammatory questions without any finesse whatsoever, the husband kicks her out. She apologizes for not exercising empathy. Apparently, she's on the spectrum.Ruiz heads home and busts his video-playing kid for smoking pot. He warns him off commiserating with the drug element and warns him about getting caught up. He grounds him. He gets into bed with his wife and he covers for his son.Cross meets Hank at the autopsy and says the husband didn't do itCross meets with the M.E.Denise. Cross seems very excited about the autopsy. It turns out the judge was split in half but that's not all. They realize that the top half is the judge but the bottom half, the legs, are that of an 18-20s Mexican woman.The man with the woman in his trunk makes it across the border.Charlotte, the wife of the heart attack patient, is overcome to learn her husband, who wanted a divorce, is dead.Cross calls Ruiz about the crazy body thing. She asks if he has an upper half that matches this description, noting it could be a year old since the legs were frozen. She asks him to look into it right now, even though it's 3:30 in the morning. He goes into research it and find the upper half,a Christina Fuentes.Marco goes to see "El Capitan," who is apparently the local top gangster. He's having a party with a card game and tigers. He knows how to party. Apparently, Ruiz has to ask this guy if he "can' work the case on the crazy half body. The Captain gives his blessing.Cross wants to find their other half before the Feds arrive in the morning. Hank says he'll deal with the Feds. She wants to lead the task force. Ruiz calls Cross with the info about the half Fuentes body. He comes across the border to share his information. He calls her "one of the dead girls of Juarez." Apparently, that is a thing. Cross is annoyed that Ruiz is coming over.The man with the woman in the trunk lets her loose in desert in what appears to be nowwhere. She tries to run but falls and hurts herself. He takes her into his dumpy trailer. He tells her they are in a safe place and puts a bandage on the cut on her leg. He tells her to go to sleep and locks her in the trailer. She begs him not to go.Ruiz meets with Cross and gives her the file on Fuentes. He notes that her body was found six blocks from his house so he definitely wants to be on the task force. Cross of course does not like this. Cross looks over the file, she speaks and reads Spanish. He paces while she reads and this irritates her. She wants him to sit but he can't, because he recently had a vasectomy.They talk about how she was killed but he doesn't really know, the evidence wasn't processed and there were no interviews conducted. He says 250 girls went missing the previous year and they were all the same age and type. Cross theorizes there's a serial killer and Ruiz says there may be but it's too much to investigate and it's easier not to investigate according to the "chiefs.'Ruiz meets Hank and then he and Cross go off to look at the judges' car, which was just found. Cross drives them and they listen to a heavy metal tape stuck in the tape deck. The truck was her sister's, her sister is dead. She doesn't want Ruiz to get the tape out of the tape deck.Cross basically asks Ruiz if he's corrupt, he says not all of the Mexican cops are and he's not. He explains that the gangsters buy off the police, saying they can "take the silver or the lead." Cross accuses him of just letting the girls die. He says he does the best he can. She says he should try harder. He agrees.Charlotte, she of the dead husband returns home. She is sad. She looks at her horses and smokes cigarettes in her big fancy house. She looks at his things, collected in the bag from the hospital. She finds a second cell phone, for which she can't figure out the password. The phone rings. She answers it. It's a woman. When Charlotte asks who it is. The woman hangs up.She goes to what appears to the foreman of the ranch in the horse stables and asks him if he's seen the phone before. He claims not to know who the woman on the phone was nor what a key she found opens. He tries to beg off and then says it's better that he shows her. They drive out to a remote part of the ranch that she has never seen to a small house. He sends her to he basement of the small house. And in the basement a small locked door. She opens it with the key.Cross and Ruiz arrive at the spot where the judges' car was abandoned. The bottom half of the body is hanging out the back. The blood was drained out. She notices the judges' ID is missing. She wants to go to Juarez to talk to Christina's parents about whether her ID was missing. Ruiz doesn't want to do that. Cross writes up the crime scene.The man who kidnapped the Mexian woman sits and drinks milk. He looks at her ID. Her name is Eva Guerros.Tim Cooper, of the El Paso PD, shows Ruiz the security tapes from the bridge while Hank pulls Sonya aside for writing up a report on Ruiz for letting an ambulance go through the scene. He tells her that she's going to have to learn to work without him since he's retiring. She is very taken aback by this and asks "what about me?" She gets very teary.They come out to look at the security footage. They find that a reporter from the El Paso Times named Daniel Frye crossed the bridge right around the time of the power outage.We cut to Frye in the newsroom arguing with a cub reporter named Adriana. He's very condescending. He goes to his car and is freaked out when it automatically locks. He tries to get out and can't. He then notices strange wires attached to a bomb in the backseat counting down from 20 minutes. Cross and Ruiz arrive and she wants to talk to him even though he's trapped in his car.The bomb squad works on the car as Cross calls him about being on the bridge. He is confused about how this is going to help him get out of the car. He is confused by the line of questioning. He admits that he did do writing about the judge. The timer on the bomb jumps a minute and the bomb squad runs away. She tells him that he has to talk to her. She says everything will just stop and he won't feel any pain. She tells him his car was used to dump two bodies on the bridge and asks who could've done this to him. He says he's screwed over a a lot of people and he's not ready to die. he cries and holds his hands over his ears. The bomb gets to zero and the car doors unlock. The cell phone on thebomb says there is a new messge. They bring the phone to Cross and she and Ruiz listen. The message asks why one dead white woman is more important than the many that die across the border. The voice says this is only the beginning.

Directed by Gerardo Naranjo  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Ted Levine, Tom Wright, more...

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