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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 60 min.

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "ID" - August 14, 2013We open on Charlotte and her buddy from Florida making love at night out in the open. They talk a bit about Carl, post-coital. She then shows him the tunnel. He wonders if it's drugs. She says immigrants, they were broke, she didn't know. He asks what's on the other end. She says a crazy psychotic bitch. He asks if she wants him to deal with her. Just then Galvan and his chubby henchman come down the stairs with Calaca's body, which they presumably liberated from Linder. Galvan bids her a good evening.Hank, Marco, and Tim look at the body of the dead Dr. Meadows, father of the misguided teen from the last episode. No word on suspects yet.Sonya interviews Gina in her room. She remembers what "the Beast" looks like. Then says she doesn't. Sonya asks for specifics but Gina can't provide any. Marco comes in and asks where her mother is. She doesn't know. They take he to the station.The cops look over the crime scene photos. Turns out Meadows was a cop psychiatrist and they wonder if a cop did it. Sonya's mad that Gina is a bad eyewitness. Hank tells her to be gentle. Sonya got her breakfast but she can't eat. Sonya shows her photos to try and help ID the killer. None of them are him. She asks for a cigarette but since she's not 18 Sonya won't let her.Frye dumps out all of his pills, drugs, and booze down the toilet and sink. He stares at himself in the mirror and says "you need this." His phone buzzes.Mendez comes over to his place and peruses the classified FBI files he obtained through a source and is brought up to speed that the FBI agent who was killed was banging Christina Fuentes. He says Ruiz jacked his phone and returned it. Mendez wants to know what other connections they are missing. She thinks they should go back to Juarez and investigate Christina further.Galvan goes back to his men and says Calaca was a good man but he chased a woman across the bridge and did stupid things. His body is laid on a conference room-like table and Galvan tells the men to "do the honors" and they all pick up a knife from a bunch on the table.Gus goes to visit his dad at the station and asks when he's coming home. He doesn't know. Gus says this is the second time he's done this. Marco says the first time was different. Gus tells him to fix his mess. Marco says what happens between him and his wife is not Gus's problem. Gus disagrees and gets chesty. Marco tells him to go home and be with his sisters and be there for him and promises it won't be like the other time. Sonya comes to fetch him.Mendez and Frye go to talk to the medical examiner about Christina. He says he doesn't remember and didn't work on the case so they leave.Marco and Sonya are frustrated by the case. Gina remembers nothing and they can't find a Narco connection given that he was killed by a "Colombian neck." Marco wonders if she's talked to her about anything else to gain her trust. Sonya says she trusts her implicitly since she's a cop.Gus texts with someone named Zina. She promises to make him forget the "hot gringa cop" the next time he sees her.Marco goes to Hank having found him in Meadows' patient files. Sonya doesn't know. He says he went to him because of a case he couldn't shake of a dead girl who had been raped and beaten and dumped in a ditch. Her 15-year-old sister came to ID the body. They caught the guy and Hank says the report will say he reached for a gun but Hank really just shot him. Didn't kill him just brain-damaged him and now the guy is in jail. Hank was troubled not by the shooting but taking away any hope the little sister had of getting answers. The little sister was Sonya.Charlotte and Ray visit with Graciela and Lyle Lovett Lawyer. She wants to change their arrangement. She says from now on she wants to know nothing about the tunnel and that all info should go through Ray. He says he's up for it. He gives LLL his info. He says if Ray checks out it will be just like it was with Carl but with Ray as the point man. LLL is annoyed that Ray kept his pen.Sonya opens a desk drawer and strokes some kind of scrapbook with a skull on it. She goes to tell Gina a sketch artist is coming. She tells Gina it's important that she try. Marco distracts her out of the room and talks to Gina himself, asking her how she is doing. She is distraught and says she can't remember, like it was a messed up dream. She asks him for a cigarette and he declines and then gives in giving her one and saying she can't rat him out to Sonya. Gina says she's pretty intense. He lights her cigarette.Mendez and Frye walk through Juarez and she tries to warn him about the dangerous ground they're treading, especially regarding Fausto, who had a reason to cover up things in the death house and that Marco was on the case and part of it disappeared. They come upon Calaca: he is strapped to a pole and has many knives stuck in his body. Mendez says this is what Fausto does to those who piss him off or finds out you're asking questions like they are. Frye says he's not afraid. She says she is but she still wants the story.Gina tries to describe the killer to the sketch artist. She gets angry with Sonya who is needling her. Marco says they should take a break. He pulls Sonya aside to tell her to go easy. Sonya insists that she must remember. Gina's mother shows up and she's in bad shape. She tells Hank, Sonya, and Marco that she's going to take Gina home. Hank thinks that's a bad idea. Sonya bluntly points out that she's on drugs and guesses oxycontin. She admits she is using. Sonya says she's supposed to be taking care of her daughter and asks her why her couldn't help. She says her husband wrote her first prescription and she thought that this is what this was all about.Sonya and Marco go back to their evidence board and work it out: Meadows sold drugs so he was killed like a Narco, the FBI agent uses prostitutes so he's beheaded, the illegal immigrants were poisoned, the judge was bisected. Hank says the killings are all over the place, both personal and political. Sonya wants to go back to Gina but they stop her. Hank says it's time to eat burgers and chili. Marco begs off to take care of something at home. He calls his wife, who is again hanging with her male professor friend who says sooner or later she'll have to talk to him. He calls again. The friend tells her that it gets better, saying the end is always tough but you move on and time passes and you end up different. She says she doesn't know if that's what she wants. He says she'll figure it out in time. She says it feels nice and then he, of course, kisses her. He immediately apologizes. She says it's okay and it helps her to talk to somebody.Hank, Sonya, and Gina eat burgers. Sonya says she doesn't like them. Hank calls her un-American and tells her to eat her "freedom" fries. Hank says that going home with her mom might not be the best thing for her. Sonya notes her mom was addicted to cocaine and men. Gina says she's trying. Hank says they will help her. Gina goes to the bathroom. Sonya says her mom isn't going to get clean and she will end up in social services and that she hated social services. Hank says she didn't turn out too bad. Sonya goes to the bathroom. Gina doesn't answer. She kicks the door in and discovers Gina has escaped out the bathroom window. We cut to her running down an alley. She's a ghost. Hank and Sonya race through the streets.They hear a scream in a parking garage. Sonya goes in gun drawn. She is lying on the ground with a wound to her belly. She says "it was him." She asks Sonya if she's going to die. Sonya tells her to hang on and applies pressure on the wound. Gina says "I got the eyes right"-- regarding the police sketch-- and then dies. Sonya, her hands covered in blood quietly rocks and cries and says "help." Hank tries to calm her down.Marco goes home and tells Alma he needs to get some things. She lets him in. She tells him the girls are sleeping, Gus is out and he should get his things and get out. He goes to a closet and grabs his suitcase and some clothes. He stares forlornly at his bedroom. He tries to talk but she doesn't want to hear it and says she'll let him know when she does. He tells her he loves her. She tearfully shuts the door in his face. As he leaves his phone rings. It is Sonya with the news of Gina's death. He wants to know who else knows. She says no one-- her mother, the FBI, and their people. He tells Sonya that the killer is watching them. She watches her hands and changes her bloody shirt. She looks at the eyes in the sketch. That is all that is there.Mendez meets Frye in a bar where he is drinking club soda. He announces he's 51 hours sober. She congratulates him. They work it out: the killer dumps half of Christina at the death house and Marco is the assigned cop so they think maybe the killer wants them to know that Marco is dirty.Ray sits by the pool at the Millwright manse. He calls his buddy "Tampa" Tim and says he wants to get something going down here and asks if he can set him up with "50" to start. Tim says it will take him a couple of days. That works for Ray. Tim hangs up and we pull back and see that Tim is working for the ATF, the agent tells him that snitching suits him.In Juarez, Ruiz hands his gun to a thug and is given a pat down before entering a mansion.Sonya goes to a psych ward.Marco gives Galvan, the mansion-dweller apparently, his money back. He wasn't expecting this. Ruiz says it's the right thing to do and then addresses him as Fausto and says they've known each other a long time and he knew he wasn't going to keep his money. Fausto mocks him for being too moral to engage in the business their fathers started. He says no, just that they've taken different paths. Fausto says no one will ever know he gave it back. Marco says they will know. Fausto throws him a wad of cash and Ruiz throws it back. Fausto throws it in the fire and says "money doesn't buy everything, right?" Ruiz says goodnight.It turns out Sonya is visiting her sister's killer who is doing more of the crude, colored-chalk drawings she puts on her fridge. He is clearly severely brain-damaged. Sonya stares at him and then touches his hand. He draws a picture of a blond female with a blackened face. Sonya cries.

Directed by Alex Zakrzewski  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Tom Wright, Ted Levine, more...

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