The Beetle

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA/Mexico, 2013

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "The Beetle" - Sept. 4, 2013We start with a flashback to the night of David Tate/Kenneth Hastings' wife and son's death on the bridge at the hands of Santi, Jr's reckless driving. He watched as the firefighters pulled her dead body out of the car. Her necklace burst as they carried her away and he picked up a few of the beads. And then he saw his son's arm out the window and flipped out.Back in the present, Marco is recovering from the news about David Tate when his boss starts yelling at him that he needs to catch him before they're all thrown in prison by Santi, Jr's powerful father.Sonya and Marco discuss it and she says he's not done yet. Marco feels certain that Tate didn't know his wife was sleeping with him. Apparently, she was in love with him but Marco wasn't in love with her. Sonya wonders if he didn't kill Marco when he had the chance because he's planning something else. Marco is immediately concerned about his family. He tells Sonya Tate was obsessed with investigating the missing girls of Juarez and was very good at his job. She notes he will also be good at this then. He hates that she is how she is right now, wishing she could just say what he wants to hear: that his family will be fine.But they won't. After failing to reach Alma on the phone for hours, Tate finally calls Marco back on her phone and essentially threatens his family.They had been at a playground enjoying the day. Alma asked about his son and he explained, saying that it felt good to talk about it and that it was good to be with her because she made him a different person because he was mad at the world but that he has to work on his anger every day. She says she can't imagine losing a child like that and he says he hopes she never does.He's not going to be much help in that department, however, since he then drives her and the girls to an abandoned old cabin in the desert, lures them in, covers her eyes saying he's going to give her a surprise and then puts a live grenade in her hands. He tells her if she lets go to throw it she'll have about five seconds to say goodbye to her children and then leaves her a screaming mess, locking the door behind him.The cops find Tate's apartment and discover the whole thing is wired to blow as well as there's a room dedicated to the murders and to Marco.Back at the precinct, Gus explains that he thought he had been texting with his friend Xena and he told her about details of the case. But when he ran into her that day she said she had changed her number so they realized that Gus had been texting with Tate. They text him to set up a meeting.Tate goes to the arranged meet up but, as a former FBI agent, he sees the telltale signs of surveillance: a van, a guy with binoculars on a nearby roof and instead pays a waiter to give a note to the Gus decoy. They move on the waiter who points in the direction that Tate went and they chase after him.Marco and Hank arrive at the cabin. They get the girls out and Marco calmly holds Alma's hands over the grenade. They walk a distance away and on the count of three and he grabs it and throws it and they duck. It explodes on the other side of the house and everyone is okay. They hug and kiss and Alma says she wants to go home.Sonya goes to Gus and tells him that they are taking him to a safe house. He still can't believe it's "Mr. Hasting" from his school who did this. He also notes that somehow texting with the killer ultimately made him closer to his dad. He says the killer actually had good advice. As Sonya is driving Gus to a safe house a truck hits them and flips their SUV. As she dangles upside down nearly unconscious Sonya watches as Tate pulls Gus from the car. Before she drifts off she gets the license plate of his truck.Meanwhile, out in the desert:Steven Linder is feeling out of sorts. He heads out to the preacher's place to see him and Eva. He admits to the preacher that he killed Hector, Eva's psychotic boyfriend.. The preacher essentially absolves him since Hector was a bad dude and it was self defense. Steven admits to having unsettling feelings about Eva. The preacher understands. Steven goes to her and confesses that he killed Hector. She understands. He apologizes. They hug.Charlotte is attacked by Graciela and one of her henchman in her stables. Graciela shows her one of the trackers and Charlotte claims ignorance, which of course she is. Graciela is about to cut her face when Caesar comes in and shoots her henchman. When Graciela confronts him, Charlotte kills her with a pitchfork from behind. They then bury the two bodies in the desert and cover them with lime. Charlotte asks Caesar what happens next and he says he doesn't know. He hopes nothing, and to not mention it to Ray. She tells him they will meet the next day to discuss what to do about the tunnel going forward.

Directed by Keith Gordon  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Tom Wright, Ted Levine, more...

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