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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA/Mexico, 2013

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "Vendetta" - August 28, 2013We open on a flashback of six years ago. Daniel Frye is partying with a young Mexican guy at a strip club. Cocaine, strippers, lost pants the whole nine yards. When the young Mexican man suggests crossing the border to get more drugs but Daniel can't because his passport is in his lost pants. The young Mexican, who is named Santi, peels out to go get the drugs and says he'll be back.In the present Marco tries to reach out to Gus back at the house. Gus notes that this is "how it started" with his mom and Marco was barely home. Marco tries to explain he was working. Gus says he doesn't accept this and not only that he once left a nice bike his dad gave him on his tenth birthday in the street to be stolen because he didn't want a bike he wanted time with his dad. Marco apologizes and says that Gus can come and talk to him about anything. Gus says okay. They awkwardly punch each other.Everyone at the precinct wants to celebrate getting the killer in Childress but Sonya is still insisting that Jack Childress is not their killer. When she discovers that the FBI raided his home and stole his big books of crazy she starts to ruminate on a theory: an FBI agent is the real killer. She connects an agent named David Tate to three of the victims and Childress's notebook, but everyone thinks she's crazy because David Tate is dead. Marco actually went to his funeral. The only wrinkle is his body was disfigured beyond recognition and he was ID-ed off a driver's license by his sister-in-law. His wife and child died in a hit and run on the bridge and he killed himself.Sonya goes to see Tate's sister-in-law, It turns out that her sister, his wife, was having an affair with someone in Juarez and that's why she was crossing the bridge the night she was killed.Meanwhile Tim Cooper noticed something at Childress's ranch, a crack in the concrete and got the police to dig it up and found a body .A body that belongs to a man named Kenneth Hastings. Funny thing about Kenneth Hastings. Although he is definitively dead given that he's a skeleton in the ground, he has a current driver's license.(And for those paying attention, Kenneth Hastings is the name of the man that is Alma's friend at school. The one she had sex with in the last episode.)None of this convinces Sonya that this evidence further links Childress to the the bridge killer. Tim can't take it but he says there must be a limit to how much they indulge the "village idiot savant." This understandably upsets Sonya who goes to take a break and runs into Gus, who is clearly sweet on her. She shuts this down but they share a laugh.When she returns to the office she shows Marco the current driver's license of Kenneth Hastings and he says "that's David Tate."Tampa Tim arrives at Charlotte's ranch with the guns--in an ice cream truck, no less But he is uninterested in helping Ray drag them through the tunnel to Mexico. So, he does, cursing Tim the whole way. Graciela pays up. He asks if he needs to, um, "seal the deal" again like he did last time and she acts like she doesn't know what he's talking about. Charlotte comes across Tim by her pool and is annoyed. Tim tells her Ray said he could stay in the pool house and that Ray is "running an errand." When Ray returns Charlotte is waiting for him at her end of the tunnel. She asks what he's doing and he plays it off. She tells him to not engage in his shady ideas and she wants them both to be legit and to make it stop, now. He asks if he's ever disappointed her and she says a million times. She tells him to get Tim out of her poolhouse.At the other end of the tunnel Graciela and her goons make a very alarming discovery: the guns that Ray brought them have trackers in them.Stephen Linder has a paranoid nightmare that Galvan's girlfriend and Galvan attack him. He wakes with a start and goes to the shelter. He gathers some files and tells his boss he needs to take a few days to sort out some feelings.Daniel got an invitation to a fancy library opening in Juarez, Biblioteca Sol, and he gives it to Mendez and tells her to have fun and tells her not to let his old pal Santi, Jr.seduce her since he can turn gay women straight.Mendez gets all gussied up as her sister gushes about how hot Santi Jr. is and how he dated J.Lo. Her mother looks at her and laments that she doesn't have a boyfriend and that God won't forgive her if she doesn't get one.You know who else is going to the library opening? Kenneth and Alma, who are tremulously proclaiming that they really like each other, that it wasn't just revenge sex. They glow as they walk into the party.Santi Jr. tries to hit on Mendez but the minute she brings up Daniel's name he claims not to know him and disappears when she turns down his advances.Elsewhere at the party Kenneth and Alma dance. She admits she's pregnant and out with another man and enjoying herself but he says he still likes her and wants to take her home. He says to meet her outside in five minutes.First he has to go to the men's room and kill Santi, Jr. As he slits his throat he explains that is was his wife and son that Santi, Jr. killed on the bridge. He leaves a bead on his chest. He takes his bloody hand and leaves a handprint on the mirror.When Sonya and Marco show up to investigate Santi Jr.'s murder, he sees the bead on the body and flips out. We see him flash back to having sex with a woman-- not his wife-- with a necklace. This bead is the central piece of the necklace. Marco throws up and stumbles out. He confesses to Sonya that he was sleeping with David Tate's wife Jill. He was the man in Juarez she was coming over the bridge to see the night she died. Sonya wants him to tell Hank and the Mexican investigators. He, obviously, does not want to.Kenneth and Alma leave the party. They smooch in his car. He asks if she's tired. She says no. He says he isn't either and smiles.

Directed by Norberto Barba  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Tom Wright, Ted Levine, more...

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