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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 60 min.

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "Destino" - August 21, 2013Ray meets Graciela in an SUV in a secluded location. She gives him his tunnel money and he proposes having the tunnel go both ways. He says he can get her 50 AR-15s, which is a hard weapon to get. She asks him his opinion on oral sex. He's for it. It's her favorite. So, apparently, as part of the deal she expects him to service her. He confirms this means that she is on board with the guns. She hikes up her skirt and he goes to work.It is morning and Sonya and Marco prepare for week. She's working on vehicle reports on the fake cop car. He's dressing. She tells him not to leave his stuff lying around. He pays her back for the money to buy his flowers. She goes to work and he tells her he's heading home to try and talk to Alma. He offers to find a hotel but she says he's welcome to stay on the couch.The eager sheriff Stokes gets his braces off. In the dentist's chair he looks at a picture on the wall of a field with windmills and seems struck by an idea.Marco tries to convince Alma to let him come home. She does not relent, not caring to her that his dalliance with Charlotte meant nothing to him and that he misses his family. She accuses him of sleeping with Sonya also and tells him Gus is flunking out and to talk to him. She heads to work and tells him not to be there when she gets home. He is pained.At the precinct Sonya thinks she has a hit on the car. She comes up with the name of Jack Childress, she and Ruiz go to check it out.Ray is swimming in Charlotte's pool, trying fix the drain. He tells her it went well with Graciela.At Childress' house it is a ramshackle mess. It includes an arsenal of weapons and maps and computers and printers with GPS locations written on them central to the case. He is clearly insane and off his meds, which they find a ton of in his tub. They find a mammoth book manuscript called "The Dialectics of El Paso Del Norte". While they are investigating he drives up outside. They don't hear him and he skedaddles. She calls Hank, instead of the ask force since last time "he" was listening to broadcasts. She says they wait and then move.Alma meets with her school colleague in a motel. He says they don't have to do it this way, that they can wait for her divorce. She claims it's what they both want and that the marriage is complicated. They do it. It feels sad and, likely, spiteful on her part.Linder has lunch with an older, sensible looking Mexican woman. Apparently, they've done "business" before. This time, however, she wants him to get her daughter Sarah out, take her to Bob, get saved...against her will. She shows him a picture, she is very beautiful. He agrees to go get her.Sarah has fallen in with Galvan. Galvan is getting fitted for a suit and the tailor makes the mistake of noting that he has gained weight. Galvan puts his cigar out on the tailor's head. They leave the show. Sarah says she's going to buy shoes and heads off. Linder grabs her. She tells him she doesn't want to go and is happy with Galvan. They struggle. She punches him hard enough to knock him to the ground. He notes he's trying to help. She takes pity on him and she helps him up and tells him to tell her mother to leave her alone. Galvan pulls up and she tells Linder to run for his life. He does. Galvan pulls his gun but Sarah keeps him from shooting.Tim and Hank show up and discover his truck in the middle of the road by a trailer park near Jack Childress's house. Marco, Sonya, Hank and Tim don bullet-proof vests and start a trailer by trailer search of the park. The eager sheriff Stokes shows up and they keep him busy by telling him to secure the scene.At the El Paso Times Frye has got the shakes from trying to detox cold turkey. Mendez brings him a tip about Childress but he tells her to take it, that it's her story now. He can't even pop a Pop Tart he's so messed up.At the trailer park they find a naked man with a sock on his penis rocking out to electro music. He is high on bath salts. He is not so high as to not be able to tell them that he knows Childress and that he was recently in the area and was going to the north edge of the park to some empty trailer. The quartet go to investigate but there is no sign of him. Sonya decides that she will call him. As she does Stokes runs up to tell Ruiz about his epiphany in the dentist chair. As he starts explaining, his head explodes. Childress shot him right through the head, his blood and brains spatter all over Ruiz.We switch to his point of a view as we see him look through his scope. Sonya and Ruiz scatter to one side and Hank and Tim to another, dragging Stokley's body.Sonya calls him to distract him while the other three head up to Childress's position. She believes that she's keeping him talking but as we watch the trio head into his place they discover a tape recorder. Sonya has been talking to a recording. Childress materializes in front of her and they draw down on each other. He shoots her and she also gets one off. Thanks to her vest she is bruised and a tiny bit bloodied but not badly injured. He's injured enough to be overtaken by a very angry Marco.At the precinct she is checked out by a paramedic. She says she's sore and short of breath but okay. Marco says they got him and it's over. She says maybe. She seems unconvinced that this insane man could be their meticulous killer. She goes to chat with Childress briefly and asks why he didn't just cut and run and he notes that he meant to kill Marco. She doesn't share this with Marco.Charlotte goes to give Caesar his cut of the tunnel money. He is grateful, apparently Karl did not do that. He asks her how long Ray is staying. She says she's not sure. He asks if she really trusts him. She says she thinks she does but that Graciela is a tough lady and he doesn't think it's a good idea letting him talk to her since Carl had a way of controlling her. She says she'll tell him to be careful. Later when she and Ray are having sex she asks if she can trust him, he says she can.Back at the precinct Tim Cooper is drinking heavily and playing his banjo. He is very sad about Stokes. Hank tells him to take a few days. They talk about vengeance versus justice. Stokes says he wishes that somebody had just killed Childress. Hank, speaking from experience, tells him to wait 15 years to see how he really feels.Marcos drives through the night.Frye is on the phone with Mendez. He sys he's feeling worse but will help her file her story. He then collapses on the floor with a seizure.Sonya emerges from her shower in a towel. She goes to the mirror and holds her neck and then appraises the bullet wound- red, angry, bruised-in her shoulder.

Directed by Chris Fisher  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Tom Wright, Ted Levine, more...

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