Old Friends

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA/Mexico, 2013

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "Old Friends" - Sept. 11, 2013In the aftermath of the crash, Gus is handcuffed in the backseat of David Tate's car, tearfully asking where he's being taken. Tate won't say but he confirms that he was the person texting him pretending to be Zina and that he encouraged him to get closer to his father. He notes that since Gus is 19 and Caleb would've been 17, he and Gus could've been friends if things had worked out different. Gus tries to say his father is a good man but Tate asks if him he's a good father and even in this situation Gus has to admit only that "he tries." Tate wryly notes "And it's the thought that counts right?" He takes him to some large industrial site and tazes him. Later, when we see Gus awake he is cuffed, his feet bound, and his mouth taped and he is inside a large white container of some kind. Water, or some other fluid, is slowly filling the container from a small hole in top. If he is not discovered, he will drown.Meanwhile, Sonya -- who is seriously injured and eschews surgery on her fractured arm-- and Marco are feverishly trying to track him down with Marco on the edge of his sanity. Sonya feels terrible that she couldn't protect Gus and apologizes to Marco.Marco goes to Alma saying she needs to be moved. She says she and the girls are going with her brothers and fathers. She asks why David Tate chose them. Marco admits it's because he slept with Tate's wife. He points out that it was before he and Alma met but she counters that he and Tate were supposed to be friends. She is disgusted with him.They get a lead on the car that eventually leads them to Tate's uncle's house where they realize this is where he kept the legs of Christina Fuentes on ice. (Tate's uncle has Alzheimer's and lives in a home and Tate was using his house as a place to work on his elaborate scheme.) Tate calls Marco and tells him to meet him alone. They meet on a deserted stretch of road and after realizing that attempting to strangle him will not wring out any answers, Marco and Tate talk. In addition to banging his wife, Tate seems particularly annoyed that Marco fell out of touch with him, even after his wife died when a phone call from a friend would've been appreciated. Marco is confused that Tate concocted this elaborate scheme and killed all those people just because his wife chose Marco. Tate complains he lost everything. Marco points out he's not the first person to have been dealt a crappy hand in life and, in fact, plenty of people across the border have equally terrible lives and they don't turn into murderers. Tate contends that perhaps he's special. Marco says he's not. Tate tells Marco to lose his phone but to keep his gun and then tells him to get in the car-- Daniel Frye's car-- and that he will be driving. They drive off.Meanwhile, Daniel Frye has fallen off the wagon, hard. Mendez confronts him in the newsroom and he admits what is likely the source of his addiction. He explains how Santi, Jr. killed David Tate's wife and child on the bridge. He then says that instead of testifying against his former friend to help the Tate family he let Santi, Sr. buy him off with a job offer in Houston and he didn't even think twice about it. He gets very emotional. Mendez asks him to go to an AA meeting the next day and says she will attend with him. They go and Daniel has a truly emotional share that he ends by saying that he will try to stop drinking. After the meeting, however, he is confronted by David Tate who jabs a syringe in his neck, throws him in his own car and drives him away. Mendez sees the car take off and knows something is up so she goes to tell the police.Out on the ranch, Charlotte and Ray decide to take matters further into their own hands after she discovers that her late husband left all his money to his daughter Katie. He did leave the house and land to Charlotte. They take Tim out in the desert intending only to scare him but when they put him on his knees and asks where the transmitter bugs came from and he eventually admits that he's working for the ATF, Charlotte gets angry and takes the gun from Ray and kills Tim, even though they've all been friends for years. Ray is freaked out by Charlotte's cold-bloodedness.

Directed by Alex Zakrzewski  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Tom Wright, Ted Levine, more...

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