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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 60 min.

Synopsis "The Bridge" - "Calaca" - July 17, 2013We pick up where we left off with Charlotte opening the door. It leads to a tunnel where her late husband Carl was funneling illegal immigrants from Mexico. Inside is a skeleton. The foreman assures her it was an accident. He says he doesn't know what's on the other side and no one else knows about it. She tells him to board it up. He thinks this is a bad idea but she insists.A group of Mexicans are being ferried across the border in a cattle truck when the driver stops and dumps them in the desert, telling them to walk the rest of the way even though this was not the agreement. One man objects and attacks him. Before he can kill him, a woman grabs the driver's gun and says they should get moving before border patrol arrives and that killing him won't help. They hit the road. An older couple stays behind.Cross and Ruiz interrogate a grumpy Daniel Frye, the journalist with the car bomb. Ruiz lies and says they tossed his house and found a stash of pills to get him to talk more. Frye says he doesn't know how the killer got access to his car because he got drunk and slept it off at the office. He tells them to find out and he'll write the story and it will be a win-win. As they leave he furiously starts taking notes.They get another video message from the killer on the phone saying Christina Fuentes, the bottom half of the body, was killed 14 months ago and says no one investigate or cared. Cross wants to go to Juarez but Hank and Ruiz object. She says she's going.The mystery man in the trailer in the desert takes out the trash. He covers it in lighter fluid in a barrel and sets it on fire. He dumps in Eva Guerra's ID. As the trash burns her cell phone rings inside. He picks it up.Ruiz and Cross, cross the border. He notes his wife is curious about how they're getting along. She asks how. He says good so far. Sonya is surprised his wife called while he was working. He says she wanted to hear his voice.They head to the police station and look through boxes of files. A police assistant says the other victims, 23 of them, from Christina's murder were cartel killings. One of the other victims bodies was taken from the morgue and erased from the system. Sonya meets the Captain. (So he's a real cop.) She won't shake his hand and oddly turns her back on him.She asks him why the case wasn't investigated of the missing victim wasn't investigated. He doesn't answer and say he wants to talk to Ruiz.To the side the Captain tells Ruiz to keep Sonya out of their business. Ruiz says she's only interested in the girl. Ruiz goes to her and tells her to mind her P's and Q's down here. He says to be careful or she'll get his family killed. She asks more questions and he yells at her that he's taking her back.A man sitting in a car looks at a picture of a woman on his phone. He violently asks an old woman if she's seen her. She hasn't. He then rousts a glue-sniffing bum and asks. He says an American put her in his trunk, blue car, Texas plates.Daniel writes up the story for the front page of his paper and his editor is excited. She says since the police will be watching they'll have to be careful. We learn casually that both Frye and the editor are in AA. She calls in cub reporter Mendez to work on the story. Frye hates this.Cross reports that it went "good" with Ruiz, then admits that he's mad that she asked too many questions. Hank agrees this is true. She notes that his wife called and wondered if Hank's wife does. She does. They find video of the judge getting gas and the killer getting in the back seat of the car.Charlotte gets a visitor -- and it's Lyle Lovett!-- he's playing a lawyer who worked for Carl. She asks if it's about the tunnel. It is, he notes that he wants to make her aware of some obligations that Carl has to "his" client, who apparently was paying Carl handsomely. He won't say who his client is and very subtly threatens her. He notes that Carl lost a lot of money in the crash and was overextended. He says he just wanted to introduce himself.Ruiz walks down some sort of red light district street surveying the scene. A pimp tries to get him to sample the wares. He walks in on a guy banging a hooker and kicks him out. He shows the girl a photo and asks for her help. The pimp tries to intervene and he asks her about the girl. The hooker, who is only 16, says the girl worked in that room.The Mexicans walking through the desert are berated by the woman who has taken charge for depleting their water supplies. She says they will need it when they get cold.Cross works on the case in her apartment with a dog-eared criminology book and her laptop. And some pasta. Later she touches herself but seems slightly repressed about doing it.She then heads to a bar and awkwardly flirts with a guy. He tries to buy her a drink but she won't let him so he leaves. She wonders why he walked away and says she just didn't want a drink. She offers to have sex with him point blank. He agrees and they go back to her place. She pours him a drink but has none herself. They sit and don't talk. She then starts to disrobe. It is stupendously awkward. They get down to business, she asks him to go faster. Nearly the moment it's done she rolls over and goes to sleep. He is confused and lies back.A disheveled man goes to work at a homeless shelter. He notes a picture of a new arrival. A young blond woman.Ruiz heads home. His wife reports that there daughters are asleep but that his son Gus needs talking to. Now.Cross wakes up and discovers the guy's hand on her hip. She moves it off. She grabs her iPad and begins to look at case photos, the split body. The guy wakes up and sees and asks what she does. She says. He asks if he should go. He goes. She thanks him.Ruiz also works on the case in bed, chatting with his wife about how sad it is about these girls, these young hookers who are getting killed. He says he has a bad feeling about the case. His wife asks if sonya is pretty. He says she is "different." She announces she is pregnant. He wonders how since he just had a vasectomy. He worries how they'll manage but is clearly happy about it too. She says they'll be fine.Sonya tells Hank that she had sex. He asks if she at least danced with him first. They see the front page with the killer's message verbatim. Hank is pissed. He assigns someone to watch the reporter. Sonya apologizes admitting she played the message for him. He says it's okay but to check with him next time.The Mexicans are in the desert trying to decide which way to go.Charlotte continues to go through her late husband's mail. She notes the casserole dish the lawyer brought which he said contained three bean salad from his wife. It contains stacks of cash.Ruiz and Cross head back to the crime scene and an overeager deputy is there hoping to get on the task force. Cross finds a bead on the rocks on the scene.Charlotte heads to the lawyer's storefront office and dumps three bean salad and the money on his desk. She says she doesn't want it.The Mexicans find bottles of water in the desert by a skeleton, what looks like someone has made into saint. They think it's a miracle. The woman in charge doesn't think so and begins to pour her water out. The others think she is crazy.A man arrives at the police station saying he's responsible for the message. It's a disheveled older dude. Turns out he's an actor. He recorded the message from "a script" for an "art performance." He says he recorded it three years ago.The man looking for the woman meets with a border control officer who gives him a picture and an address. It is a picture of the guy working in the homeless shelter.Frye has lunch with Mendez and commends her on the work she did and apologizes for being such a dick but he says he was born that way. He notices the cop is watching them. Frye's phone rings with a weird number, it's the voice from the recording. He gets a long number and writes it on a plate. Mendez figures out it is a GPS coordinate by the border.The man looking for the woman, goes to the address. When a neighbor tries to stop him from breaking in, he attacks her. He tells her that her neighbor took something from him and he wants it ack. She says God have mercy on you and attacks him back. He breaks her neck.Mendez and Frye drive to the coordinates. They then go the rest of the way on foot. It is dark and scary. They find the Mexicans who thought they found a "miracle." They are all dead.Cross, Hank, and Ruiz show up. 9 people are dead. Inside the water bottles another of the beads that Cross found at the crime scene. "It's him," says Ruiz.The woman in charge, who only drank a little bit, made her way to the road. Lying on her stomach, she waves down a car. Someone in boots gets out and approaches her.

Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan  

Starring Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Ted Levine, Tom Wright, more...

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