The Aum's Law

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Action/Adventure/Drama/Romance, USA, 2013

Synopsis Let me ask you a question, If you are always told that you are bound to be a Great ruler, how would you earn your place in history?I have studied various great rulers and leaders throughout history like Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Jesus, Hitler, Ashoka, Gandhi etc. Yes, I do believe even god in human form was still human and I choose to look at them very so much way for the premise of this story. I will even go as far, as some of the greatest American and Indian presidents. In their stories or biographies there is always a mention that someone or something always told them what they are supposed to do and helped them through their journey to greatness. They were all on a path rushing from one check point to another. I believe most of us had the very same experience, where nothing seems to be happening by chance and there is a well-known pattern even in the most of the randomness. We learn to find solace in chaos. This is the premise of our story, where day to day life becomes an epic adventure because of the circumstances and people involved with it. I have chosen certain types from history and tried to put them in challenging situations to show how they find their way around it. The story is centered on the common thread, Kalki. Whom we can understand as Lord Krishna re-incarnated in our times. How he would handle these situations? According to Hindu mythology Lord Krishna is indeed expected to come back to earth in Kalyuga, which is supposed to be our present time according a majority of religious groups. I will put him under the well-known category of Rites of passage and Man with a problem.Our story circles around 5 other major characters Vincent Chase categorized under Young man on the rise, Pankhuri categorized under Good girl tempted, Dean Domitto categorized under Path of righteousness, Professor Justin categorized under Misguided wonder boy fighting his past and Angelica categorized under Neurotic woman, can hardly keep her shit together. All of them very similar to our thread are destined for greatness in various fields such as arts, politics, science and business. We will tell the story of their struggle and success. This first installment of the series is used to lay the foundation and generate curiosity for these characters and the supporting ones. It merely gives us an insight into this broken world, which is very close to our real world. Story is set on a college campus where all these characters meet and end up splitting into two groups, forced to work hand in hand. We also have a child support officer introduced in the end, who is playing an American hero arch type but is currently perceived as the bad guy. Reason being our societies moral is mostly based on circumstances, what is perceived as justice to one is abomination to other. It is just a matter of opinion and point of views.Another comparison we will be emphasizing in this story is the cultural difference between eastern and western societies. Cultural shock faced by foreign students and various issues observed, with various possible resolutions and solutions. Our objective is to present entertainment with a purpose. To tell a story with a message and hopefully providing new understanding of science, society, culture and human values. How to best benefit from them and how these various phenomena are inter-tangled. To elaborate on it, how people in a society follow the same rules as of chemical reactions which is basically very similar to how microscopic forces at atomic level work, which is again very similar to how planetary motion works on macroscopic level. It is all a matter of at what scale the environment under consideration is studied, the basic rules are always the same and are applied in a different form. Which leads to one of the biggest pursuit for Kalki and Professor Justin, to understand find Grand Unified Theory, one equation that can help us find relations and results between any forces prevalent in nature? A scientific way to find and understand God. Hence the sub-title entails, The law of beginning of everything. In the given pursuit Kalki tries to understand the reasoning and perspective of God for doing all the good and bad things in our world. So that he can rise up to face the grand challenge of all time.

Directed by Kalki Khaira  

Starring Michael Alvarez, Tre Mosby, Jenelle Lee Vela, Xavier Christian, Steve Briscoe, more...

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